Monday, October 8, 2007

Wedding Blog Roundup

There are a lot of wedding blogs, these blogs caught our interest this week. We thought you might like see what caught our attention!

From Always A Bridesmaid, "I was involved with the groom."
Score one for the bride, zero for the friend. Yikes!

From Bridezilla Loves Free Money, Wedding Contests Round Up
Who doesn't love free? Enter and win!

From Laptop Bride, The Fake Wedding Cake Less calories maybe?

From OffBeat Bride Best Picture EVAH! Hey, I kind of like her spirit of independence!

From Decidedly Uncomplicated, Not Just for Flower girls, Pomander floral bouquets. Its about time!

From Our Wedding Plus, The Impact of Chairs on your Event. The pictures are amazing, lots of great ideas you can use for your wedding.

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