Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Your Wedding Coach: Shopping For Your Wedding Dress Part 1

Your wedding dress is the MOST important dress you will ever buy in your lifetime!

I tell all my brides to close their eyes and picture themselves walking down the aisle. What do you see? What are you wearing? What color is it? That's your first clue!

Plan your shopping day. Don't expect to hit every bridal salon and big box bridal shop in one day. Schedule just one stop per shopping trip. Even though you'll make an appointment for an hour and a half at a salon, you'll need time to digest what you've seen and tried on. A lot of gals want to look around the shop at other things, pick up literature and ask questions. You can't do this if you are on the fly.

Yes, its exciting to shop for wedding dresses. For a couple of hours, you get to be a princess atop a pedestal trying on gowns fit for a queen. The reality is that after awhile, its tiring, really really tiring. Brides never want to admit it, but after the initial excitement wears off, you'll get tired and cranky from standing up in heels for hours on end. And that breeds confusion and irritability.

Look at online sources and through wedding magazines for ideas of dress styles, necklines, fabrics, etc. that interest you. Take the pictures with you when you shop for your dress and show them to your sales consultant.

Have an idea of what you want and express it to your bridal consultant. Your consultant will ask you questions to figure out what type and style of dress that will interest you.

Shop by the formality of the wedding. If you are getting married on the beach, don't try on cathedral train ball gowns. It might be fun, but you are only wasting your own energy.

Shop within your budget. If you can't afford a couture dress, don't try it on. You'll probably love it and make yourself crazy trying to get that dress out of your head. And IF you find a copy of the dress, it won't be exact.

Don't be afraid to HONESTLY tell your consultant your price range. She will ask your dress budget, its NOT because she wants to up sell you or violate your pricacy. She needs to know HOW to help you. I will not show a girl a dress a dollar over what she believes she can afford. Why waste everyone's time?

When you are tired, stop shopping. Confusion and white blur will set in and you will only end up exhausted and confused. Take a break, get something to eat and give yourself time to think.

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