Sunday, October 21, 2007

Show Your Florist Some Love

I was completely mesmerized by a floral artist. The artist took a blank canvas and created an indoor garden. It was breathtaking. He wore a smock and brushed his canvas with asparagus fern and roses. He's step back with an artist eye and stroke and love his creations until his vision came to life. I was blown away. Rarely have I seen artistry like this up close. I've seen it in pictures. I've seen it at world class resorts. But I've never seen flowers come together like this at a fashion show.

I've done about a kabillion fashion shows and I've seen a lot of florists' work. I've seen a lot of wedding photos after the wedding. I've seen gorgeous flowers and a lot of really bad home made work. I've actually seem some that look like Aunt Hilda went to Wallyworld and cut apart cemetery decorations to make wedding bouquets. Anyway, I'm rambling...

Floral artist said that flowers are a luxury item. Hmmm..I'd never thought of that before. Flowers at a wedding are an absolute necessity, like baseball with hot dogs and beer. Flowers set the scene for the wedding. Others consider them an add on that can be drastically cut in the wedding budget.

FA (floral artist) said that anyone can afford to put a florist in their budget if they are honest with their florist. Flowers in season are less money than exotic blossoms that need to be flown in. He must have told me a dozen ways to have a fab flowers. Unfortunately I was so tired it didn't all sink in. Bottom line, he's a pro and you should trust your flowers to a pro. Lay out your budget and let them go to work on a proposal. If you aren't on the same page, its not your florist and you need to keep shopping. Show your florist some love. They deserve it.

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