Friday, October 5, 2007

A Very Cool Wedding Gift, An Affordable Canvas Painting!

Today a bride showed me one of her wedding gifts and it blew me away.
It was an engagement picture of the couple that had been put on canvas and brush stroked to look like an oil painting. She was beyond thrilled, it took an ordinary photo and made it into a treasured heirloom.

What a great and memorable gift. Will you remember who gave you the Cusinart 20 years from now? I bet you'll never forget who gave you your "painting".

The company is Canvas on Demand and here is their link: Wedding and Anniversary Showcase The process looks really simple. An idea would be for the wedding party to get together and go in on the cost painting as a group gift. It would be affordable for a group and less expensive than if you all bought individual gifts. And it will be the HIT of the couple's wedding gifts.

I was surprised that the prices were affordable. The finished product that I saw looked a LOT more expensive than the prices on the site. In fact, I'm going to order one myself of my husband and myself renewing our vows with Elvis in Las Vegas. ;)

I snagged a coupon from them : $20 OFF $200 order at Canvas On Demand - Use Code LS226 at checkout

Canvas on Demand LLC

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