Friday, October 5, 2007

Martha Stewart and The Today Show Wedding

I'm up an hour earlier than usual to watch the Today Show wedding. I only get up early for weddings and trips to Las Vegas. If Martha throws a wedding, you KNOW its going to be light years ahead of anything you can afford and breathtaking. And everyone is going to be talking about it.

Martha is dressed in a pretty green silk jacket and believe it or not, she's snapping pictures on her digital camera. Go Martha!

The groomsmen look totally handsome in their gray Michael Kors suits. Gray is a hot color and them men look amazing. The suits have texture, on camera it almost looks like a fine tweed. The men look totally HOT!

The bridesmaids are wearing a coral Watters and Watters tea length dress in an irridiscent taffeta. I am totally impressed, the alterations on the dresses are top notch. The tops all fit perfectly, the hemlines are even and the dress doesn't pull anywhere in the waist area. Perfection! Bad alterations drive me nuts. You won't notice, but I sure do! Love the silver Stewart Weitzman shoes on the maids, they take the look up a level AND they can be worn again and again.

The bride's mom is wearing a gold silk full length suit, the grooms' mom is in a soft feminine pink ribbon jacket and chiffon skirt. Both mom's look amazing!

The bridal couple, Cody and Jessica, are so cute, they look like Barbie and Ken. She is resplendent in her Reem Acra ballgown. But horrors, she's NOT wearing a tiara, just a veil. Please don't let this be a sign, we all love tiaras and will use any excuse to wear one. A princess bride DESERVES a tiara! She's wearing cluster diamond earrings and no necklace. It totally works. She's gorgeous.

The flower girls look like they are wearing dresses by US Angels.

The couple exchanged vows under an open canopy of roses, lots and lots of coral toned roses done in bouquets. I can write pages on the clothing, on the flowers, all I can say is WOW. Martha sure knows what's she's doing. There is draped greenery outlining the wedding area. The floral setting must have taken hours to set up and I'm sure Martha tended to every detail. Amazing!

The bridesmaids carried hand tied bouquets of creamy and coral toned roses. The coral dresses were the perfect backdrop to showcase the bouquets. All the maids looked beautiful.

The reception is going to be at Tiffany & Co. , breakfast at Tiffany's? They flashed on the store, it looked like a fantasy setting. Clear lucite chairs, tall conical centerpieces, pure Martha & Co. This is the first time Tiffany's has ever allowed a wedding reception in their store. I wonder if anyone has ever THOUGHT of having their reception in Tiffany's. I've wanted to crawl in their display cases and roll around on the jewels, but I've never thought of having a wedding in a jewelry store, even though it is Tiffany's.

The reception preview shows champagne glasses with a Tiffany blue rim. You can do the same thing by dipping your champagne glass into blue sugar.

The send off to Tiffany's....a yellow cab driven by Scott Baio. Swear to God!

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