Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wedding Day Beauty Starts Months in Advance

Wedding day beauty starts months before the actual wedding day. Its working on your skin so its fresh, free of breakouts and wedding day picture perfect. Its conditioning and working with your hair so it looks healthy and shiny. Its drinking a lot of water so you stay hydrated and your skin stays plumped. We all know what we need to do to be healthy, it needs to be done in advance so the cumulative effect comes together on your wedding day.

Please don't fake tan yourself into a flat dull tan with raccoon eyes. Too much sun, real or fake and bake will line your skin. Use a good sunscreen and moisturize your skin. A too dark tan will NOT look natural in your wedding photos. I've actually had brides who fake and baked and had white lines in their forehead from squinting in the sun. Instead of a fake and bake or blistering yourself in the sun, have a spray tan done a day or two before the wedding. It will look a lot more natural and you won't subject your skin to harm.

If you are going to have a facial or a peel, do it in advance to make sure your face doesn't blotch or have a reaction to the process. Then you can repeat it closer to the wedding.

Try any new makeup products in advance in case you have any allergic reactions to the product. Try it before you buy it. Or if you are going to have your makeup done professionally, have a trial several weeks before the wedding.

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