Sunday, October 14, 2007

Your Strapless Wedding Dress CAN Stay Up

Robert Allen from Wedding Podcast Network commented that strapless dresses fitting properly seem to be a problem. Yes, it is a problem, but there are solutions.

A strapless gown CAN fit properly if you choose the right dress for our figure, a great seamstress and a secret tip.

When you shop for your wedding dress, look inside the bodice of the dress. Not all dresses are created equal. Some are so highly constructed that they have a bra built into the dress. Some have boning only on the sides of the dress. Fat chance it'll stay up.

Boning is the plastic "ribs" that are sewn into the bodice of the dress to give it shape and keep it up. If you buy a cheap, poorly constructed dress, you are out of luck. The shape has to be cut into the dress when its designed and constructed. The right bodice will give you the best uplift, a great bust line and slim your waistline. The wrong bodice will be droopy, hang and bulge in spots and slip down.

Also look for an inner elastic belt at the waistline of the dress. I call it a seatbelt. It pulls you in at the waist and keeps your dress in place. Win win situation. It used to be done only in couture dresses, now its seen in moderately priced dresses.

A good seamstress can take a well cut bodice and make it fit like a glove. It will involve putting in darts at the top of the bustline close to under the arms to make the dress fit flat across your chest. It will keep you from falling out. Depending on the dress construction and the bead work, it can be an inexpensive easy alteration to a more expensive alteration if boning and beads have to be removed and replaced. A good seamstress can do it and you should have it done. Not only will it fit better, you'll look better and be more comfortable.

And finally the secret: Dress tape, also known as fashion tape. Double sided dress tape either called Sticky Straps or Hollywood tape will adhere the dress to your skin to keep it in place. There is also something known as Top Stick which is a toupee tape. Hollywood has known about it for years. How do you think they keep those risque dresses in place without an accident? Check it out on Ebay.
Search fashion tape on Ebay! They have the largest selection I've been able to find. It works, I've used it and it doesn't hurt when you take it off.

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