Sunday, October 14, 2007

Is Your Mom a Momzilla?

Are you a Momzilla? An out of control mother of the wedding?

A Momzilla is a mother of the bride or groom control freak who insists on supervising every aspect of the daughter or son's wedding. She actually is an out of control control freak who has spent years thinking about her son or daughter's wedding. She is making herself and everyone around her crazy. The wedding is the focus of her life. She lives, eats and breathes the wedding, and it's not her wedding. In her mind, its HER wedding, the wedding she's always dreamed of...hey, didn't you already have YOUR wedding, Mom?

To find out if you are a Momzilla, or if your mom is turning into one, take the test!

Is the wedding the focus of your life?

Do you speak of the wedding as "MY" wedding?

For the rest of the test and to see what's really going on, click here.

You'll also find ways to deal with your Momzilla, so get reading!

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