Thursday, November 15, 2007

For all you shoe Fashionistas!

Fashion is a strange thing. It can be functional or it can be frivolous. Sometimes fashion makes me laugh. Sometimes its just ridiculous.

I've been a slave to shoe fashions. I admit it. I've worn shoes that could break the spirit any human being. I've suffered with shin splints, blisters and foot pain. Shoes and handbags are my addiction. I have shoes I've never worn, nor will I ever wear because I just had to have them. They don't fit my lifestyle unless I get another life as a fashion model. And at 5 foot tall, it ain't gonna happen, baby. I confess, I'm addicted to buying shoes. None are practical, some are what my husband would call "slut" shoes. What would you expect from a man who actually has a pair of wing tips in his closet? I mean, who even knows what a wing tip shoe actually is?

I call them fash-on, my fashion. And I'm happy they are just taking up space in my closet.

These shoes WON'T be in my closet, I do have SOME standards:

How novel, take the box and fashion a shoe. Its a two-fer for the creative! They are a little too "boxy" for me. ;)

Another use for your shoe box! And if you live in an area with snow, you can use the toe to dig a path for yourself.

These are just too scary for words. Yikes! Where is the rest of the bear?

Here's an example of what a guy can do with too much time on his hands, some superglue and a whole lot of wine corks. Bet he's still proud of this one!

I came across more at Divine Caroline and its too good not to pass on. Some are real head smackers. These are some WILD shoes. Check it out!

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