Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Target Wedding Dresses, Isaac Mizrahi, What are you thinking?

A Cleveland news station did a news story on how to get a cheap wedding dress and featured Target wedding dresses. It was all I could do not to gag. Did Isaac Mizrahi sell his soul to design these dresses at this price point?

OK...you want a cheap wedding dress. Order it from Tar-jay and you will get a cheap wedding dress. You won't get style. You won't get quality. You'll get a dress.

Don't get me wrong, I shop Target. But I can't imagine ANYONE bragging to their friends that they bought their wedding dress at Target.

Back to the Cleveland news cast. They showed a silk cowl neck dress up close and I freaked..the dress had SNAGS in it. Since there are all qualities of silk, I'm guessing this wasn't the best quality because bridal silk doesn't snag all that easily. The dress was only lined to above the knee on the model, and you could see the lining through the dress! That, my friend, is major cost cutting!

The dresses were styles that are totally passe...as in outdated. The styles just don't sell anymore. And the cuts are unflattering. I know, I dress brides every day. One style has a scoop neck and a gathered tulle skirt at the waistline. That adds at least 20 pounds to the silhouette. Lord, who wants to look fatter on their wedding day?

Isaac, I know you can do better. This collection sucks.

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