Monday, November 12, 2007

Your Wedding Coach: Every Bride Should Have A Wedding Emergency Kit

Every bride needs a wedding emergency kit for her wedding day. It would also be an amazing gift from the bridesmaids to the bride.

You should include the following:

Needle and thread in the color of your wedding dress.
Safety pins
Dress Tape
Nail file and nail clippers
Flesh colored bandaids
Nail polish the same color as you are wearing.
A compact with powder to keep the shine off your face in the pictures.
A lipstick and lip balm or gloss
Waterproof mascara
Pain reliever
Eye drops
Facial blotters (they blot up excess oils on the skin without disturbing your makeup.)
Hairpins if your hair is in an updo
Small bottle of club soda for stain removal and a white washcloth to use to blot the stain

Pack it all up in a tote bag and keep it nearby the day of the wedding. If you are prepared, you'll avoid any major disasters. Have a happy wedding day!

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