Monday, December 24, 2007

Ebay Your Weddng!

Ebay your wedding!

Have you thought about using Ebay to save money
on your wedding? Its an open secret that a lot
of savy brides use to find unique wedding items
and save a lot of money doing it.

There are a lot of brick and mortar stores
selling on Ebay. Bridal salons, jewelers,
paper and invitation stores just to name a few.
My nephew bought his wife's
wedding rings on Ebay from a jeweler and saved
several thousand dollars! The rings are gorgeous,
he couldn't have afforded them if he walked into
the store.

I saw a $400 BRAND NEWParis tiara selling
for $49.00!
A BRAND NEW$300 Malis Henderson veil selling
for $99.00!
A $79 crinoline for $39.00!
New silk wedding shoes by Grace that retail
for $149, up for bid starting at $25.00!!

A Casablanca Wedding Dress that retails for
$1200 selling for $599, you special order it and
the seller is a full service bridal salon. That's
a $600 savings, people!

What about ordering Tee shirts for all
the members of the wedding party?

Custom designed favors?

And what about men's wedding bands? I've
seen titanium bands for $29.00. That's a
steal (steel...get it?)

There are unique cake toppers, favors,
custom wedding candles and more things
than you can possibly imagine.
You have to check it out!

I ordered custom candle favors for my
niece's bridal shower. Not only were they
unique AND personalized, they were a
huge hit with the recipients. And guess
what? I paid so little for them I'm
actually embarrassed to tell you the cost.

What are you waiting for? Ebay your wedding!

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