Friday, December 28, 2007

New Years Resolutions for the Bride To Be

I will be organized because an organized bride is
the driving
force with a well orchestrated wedding.
I will buy or
get a free wedding planner and keep
it up to date.

I realize that this wedding is just not all about me.
I will take into account my fiance's wishes and plans
because this wedding is HIS wedding, too.

I realize that a wedding is a blending of two families
so I will try and keep family harmony and my sense of
humor intact.

I will work within my budget. When I save money in one
category, I can roll the savings into another category to
get something I really want.

I will be reasonable in my plans. I don't need to outdo
my friends or relatives weddings. I won't make
that can't be met.

I will be nice to my fiance's family because I 'm joining
their family. I want to be welcomed with open arms.
My new mother in law can be my best friend or
worst enemy, the choice is mine. Regardless of how
I feel about her, I will respect her because if it weren't
for her, I wouldn't have my fiance.

I will take into consideration my bridesmaids financial
situation when I ask them to pay for their dress, shoes,
bridal shower, etc. I will choose the bridesmaid dress
with their body shapes and budget in mind.

I will not talk about my wedding 24/7. I will not live,
eat and breathe my wedding 24/7. Nor will I get
upset when my friends and fiance don't want to
hear about it on a daily basis.

I will not be a Bridezilla. I will not have temper
blow ups and be a drama queen. To find
out if I'm turning
into Bridezilla, I'll take the
Bridezilla test.

I'll remember that its not about the wedding,
that its about the marriage. The wedding is just
a party, the marriage is real life. My life.

I will take well meaning wedding suggestions
without getting angry or taking it as criticism.
I will smile, tell them that I'll take it under
and then forget about it.

I will remember that when I talk nonstop about
my wedding, that the person I'm talking to will
want to talk about their wedding. Paybacks
are fair play. If I don't want to hear about their
wedding, I won't talk about mine.

I know that making a guest list is a give and
take proposition and negotiations may be
between families.

I will interview vendors and ask for references
before signing any contracts. I will not book
a vendor just because they are the cheapest.
I will check out their work before I sign anything.

I will not be pressured into buying anything I don't
want or need for my wedding. I will learn to just
say no firmly. High pressure sales tactics usually
mean I'm making a mistake. I'll take time to think,
if I need the product or service, I'll be back.

I will not yell, scream and threaten my vendors.
Any problems can be worked out in advance with
a phone call and polite conversation.

I will call my vendors to check on my wedding
progress before the wedding to make sure we
are on the same page. This goes back to being

When I get stressed out, I will take a wedding break.
I will take a walk, a bubble bath or play with my dog.
I will NOT call my fiance and cry. I will not melt down,
I will keep things in perspective. Tomorrow is another

I will not demand a huge bridal shower or a big
bachelorette party. I will be happy with whatever
I get. The shower is not my problem, nor should
I have anything to do with planning the shower.
Its a party for me, and the less I know, the better.

I won't put demands on myself that I can't
reasonably attain.
I can't expect to lose 4 dress
sizes in
6 months without a lot of sacrifice and
stress. I will
do what I need to do remembering
that a dress is just
a size to zip and the size
is not plastered on the outside
of my dress.

I will remember that the wedding will come to pass
and I'll remain standing. So I'll smile, laugh and
enjoy myself in the process. I'll maintain my sense
of humor no matter how hard I have to try!

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