Friday, December 28, 2007

Bridal Show Plan of Attack

Attending a bridal show? You'll need a plan of attack
so you can see everything and get the most out of the
show. As much as you want to see all the vendors and
get ideas, the vendors want to meet YOU.

Bring a friend with you. It doesn't have to be your fiance,
it can be your mother or maid of honor. Your friend is your
extra pair of eyes and ears.

Bring along some pre printed address labels.
When you want additional information from a vendor
or to sign up for free prizes and giveaways, simply
put your sticker on the entry or sign in sheet. You'll
save a lot of time!

Bring along a tote bag with a notebook. The tote
will be an easy way to carry around all the literature and
flyers from the vendors. The notebook will be to jot down
ideas, take notes, write down appointments with vendors
and take down phone numbers.

Bring along a digital camera. Snap photos for ideas of
cakes, centerpieces and anything else that is notable.
Don't trust your memory, you'll see so much it will
get all jumbled in your brain.

Dress comfortably. Leave the coat in the car or at
a coat check. Wear comfortable walking shoes because
you will need to cover a lot of area and you'll be on your

Take time to talk to the vendors. Some vendors will
just "click" with you, others not so.

Every bridal show has show specials. This might be
discounts, free items with purchase and more. Make
note of the specials and book interviews if you
are interested in their product or service.

Don't be afraid to ask for references.

Don't be afraid to ask a vendor whose work you
like if they are having a show special.

Don't be pressured into any purchase at the show.
High pressure usually equals a big mistake.

Take a break. Have a bottled water, cup of coffee
or just sit and talk to your show partner and ask their
opinions and input on what you've seen.

Have fun!

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