Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Advice for The Bride To Be from the Blogosphere

Bride Diva puts an interesting spin
on her post 2008 Brides Get Ready

Bride Diva writes:
People Will Invite Themselves To Your Wedding
Honeymoon Registries are Tacky and Not Very Economical
It’s Not About The Gifts
Don’t Ask For Cash
Remember to Say Thank You

Always A Bridesmaid has a great list of
Resolutions forthe newly engaged.
I especially like #6, Resolve to see the big picture.
One of the best posts about keeping your
perspective on the wedding. Another must read!

Miss Jasmine at Weddingbee has her bridal resolutions
for the upcoming year.
More wedding planning resolutions at
Your Wedding Coach.

Aisledash has a funny post on Grooming the Groom.
Guys want to look picture perfect, too. I'm not
sure you can ask your hairy guy to wax his chest for
the wedding unless he's marrying shirtless.

Rhonda at Our Wedding Plus has a great
post: Nervous about that Wedding Speech?
You're not alone, this is a common fear that
we hear about all the time. Take a deep
breath and read this blog!

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