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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Before You Order That Wedding Dress Directly From China...

You have to read this!

You've seen the wedding dresses on the web that tell you that you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars on your wedding dress by buying direct from China. Are you willing to gamble your money on the most important dress of your life by buying an unseen dress from an unknown source? Before you click the buy button, please make sure you know WHAT you are buying.

There are some amazing deals on wedding dresses. Some are from major bridal manufacturers and are bona fide bargains, some are cheap imported "knock offs" of designer gowns. Don't risk being disappointed when your dream gown arrives and it isn't what you are expecting and looks nothing like the picture on the web site.

Buyer beware, if the deal is too good to be true, it probably isn't a deal! You cannot buy a great wedding dress for $29.95. Its not possible and it's not going to happen. You will receive exactly what you've paid for, a $29.00 dress.

The internet is over run with imports from the far east. They are NOT the manufacturers of the original wedding dresses you've seen in the bridal magazines and on the racks in bridal salons. They are not made in the same factories as the original gown. These are "knock off" dresses. The quality is inferior, the fit is inferior, the designs are either outdated or modified from the original or may look nothing like the original. The fabric or embroidery or beading may be different. There are bridal salons that will put the knock off dress next to the original dress so you can compare what you will actually receive when you order direct. It's an eye opener. Think of it as the difference between Nordstrom's and a big box retailer.

The photos you see online belong to the major bridal manufacturers. They've designed, manufactured and marketed the design. The knock off artists illegally use photos from the original designers catalog or web site. That's a violation of copyright laws. You are led to think that the gown is a major brand name, but its not. The knock off artists are stealing.

You will not only pay an inflated shipping fee from China to the USA, you are also liable for customs fees once your purchase hits the USA. Customs fees are nonnegotiable. You won't know the amount of the fee until the dress is delivered. You pay the customs fees or you don't get your gown. Add that onto the bargain price, and ask yourself, "Am I saving money?"

Things you need to know:

There is a big difference in the quality of bridal fabrics. There are different grades of satin, silk, etc. The fine fabric you seen on the gown on the rack is not going to be the same. Inferior fabrics will be lightweight and show more wrinkles. They may also water spot when the dress is steamed and pressed and are very difficult to press.

There is a major difference in the cut of the dress that will affect the fit of the gown. Quality dresses have boning in the dress to keep it up. It may also have an inner elastic belt to keep the dress in place and to pull in the waistline. Some quality dresses will have a completely built in inner bra. They are masterpieces of design. Don't expect to get that in a bargain knock off dress.

A quality dress will have a built in crinoline that is encased between layers of fabric so the crinoline doesn't scratch your body. You won't need to wear an additional crinoline with your dress. An inferior dress may have rough crinoline without a lining so that the crinoline rubs your skin. You'll have to buy a crinoline to keep your stockings and skin from scratching. That's another added expense.

A quality dress will be lined in a satin or similar fabric so that it is not see through. This is important especially if you are buying a sleek gown fashioned of chiffon or charmuese. An inferior dress will have a cheap taffeta lining and as a result, you can probably see through the dress. You'll have to do a lot of shopping to find a long slip to wear under this sleek dress, they just aren't that readily available and may not do the job. You may have to take the dress to a seamstress to have it relined, more added expense.

A quality dress will have small intricate embroidery, fine lace and hand sewn bead work. The bead work will be authentic crystals. A knock off dress may have glued on sequins instead of beads, cheap lace, garish embroidery and plastic "crystals".

Beware of any company that guarantees you a custom made dress to your measurements and deliver it in 4 weeks from China. They can't guarantee you the exact time, because there is no way to determine how long the dress will be held in US customs. There is no way to expedite anything through customs.

Check the sellers feedback. Many of the sellers sell on independent web sites and on Ebay. Ebay has feedback for a reason. It will tell you the integrity and reliability of the seller.

Even if you think this is just a dress you will only wear one day in your life, you'll want to look beautiful and feel beautiful on your wedding day. Its the most important dress you will ever purchase in your life. Add up the extra expenses involved in your bargain dress and then decide if you are wiling to gamble with your wedding dress.

For more information on this topic,Click here.

Rose Trifero is an internationally known expert in the field of weddings and bridal fashions. She has been involved in the industry for over 30 years and has written and been quoted in national bridal magazines including Vows, the magazine for bridal professionals. She is also the force behind http://www.beachbride2be.com , a source of information for destination weddings.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

And then some that just made us laugh!

Whimsical Couple Bride with Upper Hand Cake Top - $ 25.98
Comical Couple with the Bride "Having the Upper Hand" in hand painted porcelain. A novel approach to top your cake or cup cake tower. 5.5"H

Whimsical Couple Sitting Cake Top - $ 25.98
The Picture of Wedded Bliss in Hand Painted porcelain. An imaginative cake or cup cake tower top.5"H

Whimsical Couple Taking the Plunge Cake Top - $ 25.98
Comical Couple with the Groom "Taking a Plunge" in hand painted porcelain. An avant-garde top to a cake or cup cake tower.5.25"H

Beach Bride & Groom Cake Top - $ 32.98
This beautiful beach couple cake top is perfect for a beach themed wedding. A romantic walk on a beach, a casual backyard wedding... this relaxed cake topper is a simple, fresh approach to the traditional wedding couple.

This is the first cake top I've ever seen of a couple for a beach destination wedding. They are impossible to find.

Eco Friendly Wedding Favors -Grow a Garden of Love!

Grow a "Garden of Love" at your wedding!

A lot of eco aware brides and grooms are looking for ways to go green at their wedding.

We know couples donate to the National Arbor Foundation or the World Wildlife foundation in the name of their wedding guests in lieu of favors. A lot of brides still want to share a token of their appreciation to their guests with a thoughtful favor as a wedding remembrance.

We've found these adorable favors that give back to the environment AND give the wedding guests something AFTER the wedding. Just tear the favor apart and plant them and wildflowers will grow.
Who doesn't love flowers? What a great way to go green!

I'd be thrilled to get one of these favors! I love wildflowers and I'd rather look at them and the beauty of nature than have another votive candle holder. I have a whole cabinet full of them. I can't bear to part with them, but they take up space and I don't use them. This I would love and I'm going to show this to all my brides.

Brides, this can be one of the most memorable favors I've ever seen. Your guest will think about you all growing season!

Tip to the bride: Ask your guest to take pics and send or email them to you. You can scrapbook your garden of love and watch it grow in different areas of the country. How cool is that?

Plantable Heart Wedding Favors -
$ 1.85 The Plantable Heart Wedding favor is a seeded favor made with handmade seeded paper. This seeded favor grows a colorful blend of wildflower when planted. The seeded wedding favor includes a tag affixed with your choice of satin ribbon.
Plantable Shell Card - $ 1.65
These plantable shell cards are perfect for wedding favors, bridal showers, engagement parties and more. They are adorable! The seeded favor includes custom-printed text on front of card and seeded paper planting instructions on the back.

Plantable Wedding Cake Card - $ 1.65
These plantable wedding cake cards are perfect for wedding favors, bridal showers, engagement parties and more. They are adorable! The seeded favor includes custom-printed text on front of card and seeded paper planting instructions on the back.

Plantable Butterfly Wedding Favors - $ 1.65
The Plantable Butterfly Wedding favor is a seeded favor made with handmade seeded paper. This seeded favor grows a colorful blend of wildflower when planted. The seeded wedding favor includes a tag affixed with your choice of satin ribbon.

Plantable Dove Wedding Favors -
$ 1.65
The Plantable Dove Wedding favor is a seeded favor made with handmade seeded paper. This seeded favor grows a colorful blend of wildflower when planted. The seeded wedding favor includes a tag affixed with your choice of satin ribbon.

Plantable Dragonfly Wedding Favors - $ 1.65
The Plantable Dragonfly Wedding favor is a seeded favor made with handmade seeded paper. This seeded favor grows a colorful blend of wildflower when planted. The seeded wedding favor includes a tag affixed with your choice of satin ribbon.
Love Blooms Seed Packets - $ 32.00
Decorative white packets of mixed annual seeds (Sweet Pea Little Sweetheart Mix) make blooming favors. Planting instructions are printed on the back. 3 1/4" x 4 1/8". 24 per package.

Just what I've always wanted for my wedding! Toilet Paper!

I thought I've seen everything for weddings, but sometimes I see something that makes me smack my forehead and think what the heck? But after thinking about it awhile, I actually know people who would not only buy the products, but put it in a reception bathroom and think it was the PERFECT finishing touch. And we'd hear about it for years and years. And of course, it would be the talk of the reception. And we ALL have a relative just like that!

As for the monogrammed toilet paper, wouldn't that be the perfect gift for the person who has everything? Maybe I'll buy a set in the letter C in case George Clooney ever finds his way to my place. A girl can dream!

Designer Wedding Toilet Paper / Tissue - $ 8.50
These designer wedding toilet paper rolls are so cute! Each standard size 3-ply roll is individually packaged in a transparent gift container. Just Married Toilet Tissue or Shell Toilet Tissue are the perfect touch.

Monogrammed Toilet Paper - $ 8.75
These monogrammed toilet tissue rolls are so cute! The perfect personalization for your bathroom. Each monogram toilet tissue is printed with a gold letter on facial quality 2-ply toilet paper with non toxic safe inks and then individually wrapped.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme

We credit singer Toni Braxton with starting the Tiffany blue wedding theme. When she married, her wedding cake was stacked gift boxed done in Tiffany's robin's egg blue and had ribbons done in white icing. She gave her guests monogrammed tiffany blue napkins that she had dry cleaned after dinner. The napkins were packed in a Tiffany box ready for them when they left the reception. Needless to say, her guests were impressed. It has been widely rumored she had to ask Tiffany & Co permission to use the color. Luckily for us, the color is becoming more available. For those of us who can't afford Toni's favors, we have a lot of suggestions for you to incorporate the color theme into their wedding.

Tiffany blue is a hard color to match in bridesmaid dresses. We've matched some of the bridesmaid manufacturers with the color that we feel are the closest match to Tiffany blue. We'll keep adding manufacturers as the spring 2008 fabric swatches arrive. Add your comments if you know of other manufacturers who have a tiffany blue color.

  • Mori Lee Tiffany Blue
  • Jordan Fashions Color Aqua
  • Mackenzie Michaels Color Tiffany
  • Forever Yours -Forever Bridals Color Aqua or Blue Topaz which is a shade deeper
  • Raylia Design Color Turquoise is a deeper shade but the same tone
  • Alexia Design Color Ice blue in pima satin
  • Aria Color aqua
  • Jim Jhelm Color Turquoise

Another suggestion is to use Tiffany blue as your accent color. We love Tiffany blue with chocolate brown and silver. The maids don't have to be solid Tiffany blue, they can be chocolate brown with blue trim . Forever Yours aka Forever Bridals two tones many their bridesmaid dresses and you can use your accent colors in the dresses. Forever Yours maids are very affordable, come with a matching purse and detachable spaghetti straps. Size range is to from size 1 to size 30.

Looking for more accent colors for Tiffany blue? Add a slice of lemon yellow to punch up your theme. They can be in your flowers or your ribbons.

Coral will give your Tiffany blue a Caribbean feel. Nice for a beach wedding.

Light peach gives Tiffany blue a softness of soft color.

Champagne accents will give your color palate a rich, elegant sophisticated air.

Here are some unusual invitations. Click on the pic for more info.

Blue Bombshell Wedding:  100 Personalized Invitations / Announcements Brown & Blue Dots Stationery:  100 Personalized Invitations / AnnouncementsBlue Luster:  100 Personalized Wedding Invitations
Lagoon Wedding:  100 Personalized Wedding Invitations100 Personalized Wedding InvitationsSay it Square:  100 Personalized Wedding InvitationsSerendipity Wedding:  100 Personalized Wedding Invitations

Modern Toile Bridal Shower Mint Tins: Sky
Matches the invitation below:

The most amazing Tiffany inspired cakes!

Save the Date magnets, click here for more info.

Wedding reception ideas:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tiffany Blue and Brown Flower Unity Candle and Tapers

How cool is this? THIS IS A REAL FIND! A disposable camera for your wedding reception tables done in Tiffany blue.
Click on the picture for more information.

Aqua M & M's Favor bags. Yum!