Wednesday, January 30, 2008

After The Bridal Shows, Here's A Plan!

You've attended the bridal shows.
You've seen lots of bridal fashions during
the fashion show. You've gotten ideas,
you've seen samples of photographers work.
You've swooned over bouquets and found
a cake that you love. You saw the most
adorable favors and totally unique
invitations. Now what?

If you read my post Bridal
Shows Plan of Attack
, you are ready to

Go over your notes from the show. If you didn't
take notes, go over your literature from the show.
What did you like?
What did you love?
What didn't you like?
Was there a vendor whose work you admired?
Was there a vendor whose personality and yours
didn't mesh?

Make appointments with vendors you liked.
Interview them BEFORE you sign any contracts.
We recommend you see a sample of their work
and ask for references. Call the BBB to see
if they have any complaints on file before
you sign. Reread the contract and make sure
you understand what you are signing BEFORE
you sign.

Some vendors book up fast. If they aren't
available for your date, ask them to recommend
someone and then interview that vendor. Or go
to your second and third choices from the show.
When you find someone whose work you admire,
you are in sync with them and the price fits
in your budget, don't wait forever, book them
so you aren't disappointed.

Make an appointment with dress salons to try on
bridal fashions. Your dress will dictate the
tone of the wedding. Pick your dress first,
then the bridesmaids. By now you will have
a theme and a color in mind, so the planning

When you visit your florist, bring a picture
of your dress and the maids dress so they can
advise you on flowers that will compliment your
dresses. Also bring a color swatch for them as
a point of reference. Bring magazine pictures of
flowers and bouquets you like to the interview.
The more prepared you are, the better the
communication. Remember, flowers in season are
less expensive than out of season flowers that
need to be flown in. Be honest with your
budget and be realistic.

Be organized! Tackle one area at a time, one
thing off your list will keep things moving
smoothly. Don't attempt to do it all in one
day, it won't happen!

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