Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wacked Out and Totally Weird Wedding Dresses

Here's a collection of some of my
favorite wedding dresses. Yes, they
are real. Totally not for the masses.

A bride in Russia. This is her
wedding get up. Reminiscent of
Pamela Anderson. Why is the
woman in black hiding her face?

A real super fan dress. It
had to be custom. I hope she
got free tickets to the game.

A Klingon wedding. Insert your comment

I love purple, but this is a little
too purple for my taste. Only for
the very individual bride. The top is
virtually nonexistent.

Red, very red but a great pose!

The condom wedding dress. Totally
fashioned out of condoms. For real.
The skirt is cute, the top is fugly.

Both dresses fashioned out
of toilet paper. Yup, another use
for Charmin. Not weatherproof,
don't advise wearing them in the
rain, either. For the disposable wedding. ;)

Oodles and Oodles of ruffles.
Reminds me of pink meringue.

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