Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wedding Trends for 2008 That Scare Us!

Every year its a new trend in weddings. Some
are amazing, some are scary. Here's a few
we think are scary!

Wedding dresses with tiny puffed sleeves and
empire waistlines made of chiffon. YECHHHH!
These look like night gowns from an English
period movie. The look is stolen from the 60's,
when brides were marrying as innocent teens.
This style is young girlie and they aren't flattering
on anyone. The style is too young for today's
average aged bride and forgawdssake, they make
you look pregnant. And if you are pregnant, there
are dresses that will hide it.
The only thing worse is when the puffed sleeve is
topped by a ruffle.

Dressing up your dogs to be attendants at the
wedding. To quote Jay Leno, your dog isn't going
to wear that. No one loves dogs more than I do,
but I know my dogs wouldn't listen or behave in
front of a crowd. Maxx would bark, Tootsie would
get scared and have a panic attack and hide.
Look, dogs don't want to be at your wedding.
Dress up the dog and bring it to the shower
or reception, but not to the ceremony.

Using anorexic models in the wedding magazines.
One of the high end couture bridal magazines did a
spread using models that looked like they
hadn't eaten since the millennium. They were
in weird poses that were just scary. I didn't
notice the dresses at all. I saw hunger. With
today's problems with eating disorders,
what kind of message is this sending to women?

Knee length bridesmaid dresses. OK, they are cute,
so what is the problem? The problem is that your
maids aren't going to want to wear them knee length
which is technically the middle to the base of the knee.
Its not a real flattering look. They will want to hem
them above the knee.
So do you want your maids to show up at the wedding
with thigh to knee length dresses? I think not.
Stick with tea length or floor length dresses. I've
had more than one bride report back that knee length
dresses were a HUGE mistake.

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