Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wedding Trends That Are SOOOO Overdone

Some wedding trends are beat to death and
deserve to die a natural death. Every trend
has a season, and its time for some of these
trends to be gone!

Every shade of brown on brown dresses
accented with gold. Brown whether you
call it cocoa, mocha or palamino with gold
trim is getting redundant. The wedding pictures
look drab. If you are going to do brown, accent
it with pink or tiffany blue to make the color

Cupcake trees instead of wedding cakes.
It was cute when it started, it was unique.
But a cupcake is a cupcake and a wedding
cake is the centerpiece of your reception.

Matchy matchy...a word coined by the
fashion mavens that makes me gag.
It means matching everything exactly.
Rouched skirt wedding dresses to
rouched skirt bridesmaid dresses.
There is a difference between coordination
and flow and matching exactly. Weddings
should flow.

Clone wedding dresses. A clone dress is a
copy of an original. Way too many bridal dress
companies are copying designs instead of coming up
with an original design. I see thousands of dresses a year
and they look alike to me. I WISH the dress
companies would come out with an original idea.
You'd have more choices in more price ranges.
Forgawdssake, hire a designer!

Not wearing a veil or headpiece with a formal
wedding dress. We hear I'm not used to wearing
anything on my head. DUH...we don't wear
veils on a daily basis! The veil frames the face and
balances the dress. Wear the veil for the wedding and
pictures and take it off for the reception.
The proper way to wear a veil is to let it
flow down the back and pulled across the

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