Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wedding Trends We LOVE!

Since I've been talking about trends for
weddings, we have trends we actually
love. There are actually trends you should
investigate! Put it in your wedding plans,
tweak it to make it your own.

Lace wedding dresses, a return to femininity
after years of stiff satin and big embroidery
and big pearls embellishing wedding dresses.
We aren't talking about big tablecloth stiff
lace, the soft flowing laces that drape.

Unique wedding cakes that express the
individuality of the couple.

Photos from the Pink Cake Box
These cakes are just amazing!

Color on wedding dresses. Soft pinks, tiffany
blue, colored crystals. It can be a sash or an entire
soft pink gown. Set yourself apart
from the crowd by showing your sophistication
and style panache.

Colored shoes for the bride. We are seeing a lot
more silver, metallics and colored shoes
for the bride. No more uncomfortable satin
wedding shoes that blister your feet. Choose
a hot pair of cool shoes to complete your ensemble.
We recently had a bride wear a pair of red shoes
she bought in Europe with her cream colored gown.
She added ruby accessories and red roses. WOW!

Men's tuxedos are hot and looking better than
EVAH! We love the look of the Windsor ties
with a vest. Nix the shiny lime green vests , go
with something the men actually WANT to wear.

Invitations with personality. The selection of
what you can send is just amazing. If you can dream
it, someone can do it. We received a message invitation in
a bottle complete with sand and sea weed for a beach

Flowers and bouquets are amazing this year.
In addition to the hand tied bouquets with
"jewelry" on the stems, the flower combinations
are unique, colorful and make a statement.

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