Friday, January 25, 2008

Wedding Q, I'm a Nervous Bride

Got an email from a very nervous bride.
She asked, "Why am I so nervous about my wedding?
How do I calm down so that I can enjoy my wedding?"

Some gals confuse nervous with excited. Its normal to
be excited, its normal to have some level of nervousness.
But when the nerves and the stress take over, its time
to do some soul searching and get to the root of the cause.

Do you feel in your heart you are doing the right thing?
Are you 150% certain that this person is your soul mate
and the person you are destined to marry? If you answer
yes to these questions, you're OK.

Are you a control freak? Do you have to have to have
every detail perfect? Nothing is perfect, things can and
will go wrong. Most guests will never notice if one detail
is missing. If you are organized and have dependable
vendors servicing your wedding, learn to roll with it.
After all, its about the marriage and not about the party.

Take time to pamper yourself. Exercise, walk and do some
physical activity to help diffuse the stress. Yoga is a great
stress reliever and does wonders for the body. Eat healthy
foods and drink lots of water. Water helps the complexion
and you want to be glowing in your wedding photos.
Indulge in a massage and pedicure. Spend time planning
your new home. Have a girls weekend. And spend time
with your fiance having fun!

When wedding stress gets out of control, take a few days off
from wedding planning. Step back, take a deep breath and
renew yourself.

I've spent years counseling nervous brides and the
stress will fade as you get organized and take care of
yourself. Weddings have a way of coming together as the
parts become a whole. If you are still stressed out, seek
professional counseling from your minister, priest or rabbi
or a paid professional. Weddings should be fun!

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