Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wedding Q: My Sister's Fiance Is Cheating!

Amy writes: My sister and her fiance are planning a fall wedding.
My parents are paying a wad of cash
for this wedding. "Seth" is cheating on my sister with
a woman
who lives in the same apartment complex
as my boyfriend and
other mutual friends. "Seth" has been seen coming in late in
evening and leaving in the morning wearing different
His friends think he's been living there part time.
How do I or
do I tell my sister? She needs him gone!"
Future Sister In Law of a Scum Bag Cheater

Dear Sis,
One thing is clear. There is going to be a major
blow up and major repercussions. How much do
you want to be involved in the center of it all?

Playing Devil's Advocate for a moment: Perhaps
your sister is actually the innocent "other woman".
Could he have been involved with the woman in
the apartment BEFORE he was involved with your
sister? He's cheating on two different women, and
chances are that neither of them know about the other.
Woman in apartment could be as innocent as
your sister, and who knows, may be in for as
much surprise and heartbreak as your sis. Both of
them are getting only half a relationship. Both
deserve better.

While I think your sister needs to know before
she walks down the aisle with Seth Scum or
facing a wedding canceled at the last minute,
she needs to hear it from the horse's mouth.

I'd have a talk with Seth Scum with my boyfriend
and other friends present. I'd tell him you are aware of
the woman in the apartment and he has two weeks to
tell your sister about her. And if in two weeks she
isn't told, you all are going to tell her and your parents
what's been going on behind her back. Tell him you
are giving him the benefit of the doubt. He owes none
of you an explanation, but he owes HER an explanation
before she finds out from someone else.

OK....we need some help on this one. Do you think
this advice is spot on? Do you have recommendations
we can give her? Have you been in the same situation?
What should she do? Leave a comment!!

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