Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Plastic Surgery For Your Wedding?

Would you get plastic surgery for your
wedding? The latest buzz is that brides
ARE meeting with plastic surgeons to be
perfect for their wedding day. The television news
had a sweeps segment on brides who are doing
surgery because they can.

Would you? Are brides buying into Hollywood's
skewed view of perfection and beauty?

The brides on camera chose breast augmentation as
the number one surgery. They also spoke
about rhinoplasty, botox and one even spoke about
having a Brazilian butt lift. One said she chose
liposuction so she "felt better" in her dress. Another
had a tummy tuck so she'd look good in her bikini.

People, these are real surgeries involving real doctors,
real pain and real time to recover. It also involves
real surgical risks. Remember Kanye West's mom?

I have no problems with dieting and cosmetic dentistry.
There's a big difference between teeth whitening and
a tummy tuck.

Instead of a tummy tuck or liposuction...how about
dieting and exercise? If the dress doesn't feel right,
have it let out. Instead of a bikini, wear a one piece
bathing suit.

Instead of breast augmentation, have your seamstress
sew in bra gel cups. They support, look natural and add
at least one cup size. There are ways to look busty in
a dress and its not a secret. Find a dress that enhances
your bust line. They are out there, your bridal consultant
can help you. Look for draping or rousching across the
bustline, accent your waist to draw the eye into an hourglass
figure. Its not rocket science.

Instead of visiting a plastic surgeon, visit a dermatologist.
Have a facial and a pedicure and get on a skin care
regimen. Drink lots of water so your skin looks fresh.
Get enough sleep so you don't look exhausted. Take
vitamins and take care of yourself.

Hire a make up artist to enhance your best features and
hide your flaws for the big day. Go to your hairstylist
in advance and practice hairdos, color and cuts. Nix the
gawdawful hair extensions because they look fake
in wedding photos.

Instead of baking yourself in a tanning booth, try a spray
on tan. If they can do it on 'Dancing With the Stars', you
can too. It will keep your skin from looking leathery and
aged. I've seen raccoon eyes from tanning booth
goggles and it looks strange in person and in the photos.
It also shows up wrinkles big time. Try Jergens Natural
Face Glow on your face for a naturally tanned look. The
best part? No wrinkles, just smooth skin and a soft color.

If you have back fat over the top of your strapless dress,
you don't need lipo. Your dress is too tight.

If your dress bunches at the waistline, you don't need lipo.
Your dress is too tight.

If you can't sit in your dress, you don't need lipo. Your dress
is too tight. Have your seamstress let out the dress, buy a pair
of Spanx and relax.

Use your head before you go under the knife.

But I really want to know: Would you have plastic
surgery for your wedding? And why? Or do you think
this is shallow? Please comment.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wedding Q's & A's: How Can We Ask For Money Instead of Gifts?

Alia asks: How can we ask for money instead of gifts
at our wedding?

There is no polite way to ask for money instead of
a gift. It's tacky. A gift is a gift, accept it as
such. There are people uncomfortable giving cash as
a wedding present, as there are people who would
rather give you cash instead of a gift. You'll get both.
Expect neither and be pleasantly surprised at
whatever you receive. That's part of the fun!

If you already have a household set up,
there are still things you can use or won't buy for
yourself. A barbeque grill, power tools, books,
gift cards, yard tools, lawn chairs: think outside of the
box when you register. That's why you register, to let
your guests know what you want, need and can use.

I am not a proponent of asking your family to
spread the word you want cash. It's tacky
to ask for and to expect money.

If you get something you really dislike or
duplicate gifts, return it and get something
you can use.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

David's Bridal, Truths, Facts And What You Should Know Before You Buy

David's Bridal is a chain of 280 plus wedding shops.
In all good conscience, I can't call it a bridal salon.
It is a supermarket of dresses. They stock the same or
similar styles in dresses in many colors and sizes giving
the appearance of having a huge selection. Truth: You
have more choices and more options in a privately owned
full service bridal salon. Fact: David's provides immediate

David's Bridal was known as David's Bridal Warehouse until
it changed its name to just David's Bridal. They sold overstock
and sample dresses. They branched into internet retailing
and were recently divested by Federated Department Stores.

Fact: David's Bridal manufacturers its own dresses. You can't find
their dresses anywhere else. Michaelangelo is their brand name.

Fact: Oleg Cassini is not designing dresses for David's.
He passed away at age 92 in 2006 after licensing his name
to David's. His period of fame was in the 1960's when he
designed for the first lady Jacquelin Kennedy. Cassini was
one of the first designers to license his name.

Monique Luo whose designs are sold at David's is NOT
Monique Lhuillier. Monique Lhuillier designs for celebrities
and makes exclusive couture gowns. There is a lot of name

Truth: Monique Luo used to own her own bridal
manufacturing company and sold her designs to privately
owned bridal shops. She designed couture style dresses
and I carried them in my store until she closed her company
abruptly. None of us had any warning that the line was closing.
Even her sales reps were shocked at the news as we had just
previewed her line at the bridal market.
Shortly after, her partership with David's came about. Some
of the Monique Luo fashions that were available at David's
were the same styles we used to carry several years ago and
were done in lower quality of fabric at a higher price.
Rumor: David's wanted her factory.
Truth: Very few of her designs are now available at David's.
Another truth: The sales of Monique Luo's dresses was
sliding in privately owned bridal salons.

Truth: Galina Bridal was a leader in bridal fashions in the
80's & 90's. They were based in the USA and manufactured
simple and elegant bridal dresses. Galina folded up its operation
when bridal manufacturing moved to the China. Galina's
designs were too simple during the overly beaded, overly
embroidered, overly saturated import gowns hitting the market
and they just couldn't compete. David's bought the name,
the current Galina branded gowns don't resemble the classic
styling and couture touches of the original Galina line.
Fact: If Mom wore a Galina gown
at her wedding, this isn't even close.

Truth: David's Bridal sales consultants are paid on a commission
basis. If you don't buy, they don't get paid.

Truth: David's Bridal sales consultants are very well
trained to sell. Key word: SELL. They are not as knowlegable
about bridal fashions, fit, options, fabrics, silhouettes as the
consultants in privately owned bridal salons. I've seen the
sales manual (I refuse to reveal my sources). The sales manual
is slick and powerful. They follow a script, including a script for
overcoming objections. If you walk into David's, they aren't doing
their job unless they sell you the dress and all the accessories.
Their job is on the line, they HAVE to sell.

Fact: David's bridal doesn't do special measurements, hollow to
hem (which is length), or special add ons. If a dress has lace at
the hemline of the dress, that lace will have to be removed or
the dress will have to be taken up at the waistline. These
alterations should be done only by an experienced bridal seamstress
and its going to cost you. In an privately owned bridal salon, you
can order your dress at the finished length, which insures that the
factory is making your dress just for you and you won't need
additional hem alterations that could included rebeading charges
and other expensive alterations.

Fact: Bridal manufacturers servicing a full service bridal salon will
add or subtract sleeves, straps, change the fabric, change the
beading, make the dress temple ready, lower or raise the neckline
or back bodice, cut off the train or elongate the train, add details
to make the dress uniquely your own.

Truth: Since David's dresses are cut according to one chart
and length, and no options are available, expect to pay higher
alteration charges.

Fact: The quality of David's dresses is NOT the same as you'll
find for the same price of dress in a privately owned bridal salon.
There's a huge difference in quality, fit, fabrics and service.

Fact: David's dresses are repetitive in all areas of the country.
Don't be surprised to see "your" dress at another wedding.

Fact: David's Bridal is owned by the same company
that owns Priscilla of Boston, US Angels
flower girl dresses and is putting out an upscale pricey line called
the Vineyard collection. Truth: The sale of upscale pricey dresses
is slow in the troubled economy.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Trashing The Wedding Dress Ceremony

Photo by Brooke Mayo Photography

I stumbled upon a post from Elite
Bridal Concierge regarding trashing the wedding
dress in a photo session after the wedding. It made
me curious. Great blog, by the way, recommend you
check it out!

Can I begin to tell you the horror I felt as I scoped
the net to get more info on this new trend? Hey,
I sell the dresses. We coddle the dresses. A dress
is precious to me. We treat the dress with respect.
We hand press it so it is as close to perfect as it
can be so when she slips it on, its magical.
We even place it in the car for the bride. I've treated
these dresses better than my husband...so when I see
a picture of a bride cutting her dress with scissors
or laying in the water, it freaks me out.

OMG, Could this be the same Bridezilla, I mean bride,
who exploded over a missing bead? The one who checked
the dress out with a magnifying glass before the wedding
is the one laying in the water in that same dress AFTER
the wedding? How could she trash the dress?

So now I know its for artistic and creative photos
after the wedding. I get it. I've checked out Trash
the Dress
and love the art of the photos.

Here's my bride Corey who did the entire trash
the dress thing. Corey is one of the most fun and
really cool people I've met. She was NOT a Bridezilla.
She jumped into a swimming pool in her gown and
the next day went para sailing over the ocean in her
gown and ended up in the ocean. The dress survived!
Yes!!! To see the pics of Corey go to Brooke
Mayo Photography. Love her work!

Wedding Etiquette Q's and A's

Brenda writes: "Do I have to have favors
at my wedding?"

No. If you need to cut costs, you can do it
with the favors. You can buy inexpensive
favors at Wedding Favors & Bridal Gifts or at

With a bit of time and creativity, you can
make your own.

Allie writes: "Is it tacky to have guests RSVP
by telephone so I won't have to pay for response
cards and stamps?"


Kami writes "Do I have to feed the photographer and DJ at the reception?"

Yes, since they will be working for you,
and spending a lot of time on their feet,
they should have some food and beverage to keep
them on their A-game. Talk to your caterer or
hall about a reduced price meal for them. You don't
have to serve them the same meal as your guests,
but they will appreciate some nourishment during a long day.
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