Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wedding Etiquette Q's and A's

Brenda writes: "Do I have to have favors
at my wedding?"

No. If you need to cut costs, you can do it
with the favors. You can buy inexpensive
favors at Wedding Favors & Bridal Gifts or at

With a bit of time and creativity, you can
make your own.

Allie writes: "Is it tacky to have guests RSVP
by telephone so I won't have to pay for response
cards and stamps?"


Kami writes "Do I have to feed the photographer and DJ at the reception?"

Yes, since they will be working for you,
and spending a lot of time on their feet,
they should have some food and beverage to keep
them on their A-game. Talk to your caterer or
hall about a reduced price meal for them. You don't
have to serve them the same meal as your guests,
but they will appreciate some nourishment during a long day.

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