Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Trashing The Wedding Dress Ceremony

Photo by Brooke Mayo Photography

I stumbled upon a post from Elite
Bridal Concierge regarding trashing the wedding
dress in a photo session after the wedding. It made
me curious. Great blog, by the way, recommend you
check it out!

Can I begin to tell you the horror I felt as I scoped
the net to get more info on this new trend? Hey,
I sell the dresses. We coddle the dresses. A dress
is precious to me. We treat the dress with respect.
We hand press it so it is as close to perfect as it
can be so when she slips it on, its magical.
We even place it in the car for the bride. I've treated
these dresses better than my husband...so when I see
a picture of a bride cutting her dress with scissors
or laying in the water, it freaks me out.

OMG, Could this be the same Bridezilla, I mean bride,
who exploded over a missing bead? The one who checked
the dress out with a magnifying glass before the wedding
is the one laying in the water in that same dress AFTER
the wedding? How could she trash the dress?

So now I know its for artistic and creative photos
after the wedding. I get it. I've checked out Trash
the Dress
and love the art of the photos.

Here's my bride Corey who did the entire trash
the dress thing. Corey is one of the most fun and
really cool people I've met. She was NOT a Bridezilla.
She jumped into a swimming pool in her gown and
the next day went para sailing over the ocean in her
gown and ended up in the ocean. The dress survived!
Yes!!! To see the pics of Corey go to Brooke
Mayo Photography. Love her work!

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