Thursday, March 6, 2008

Plus Size Bride, the Dress Shopping Dilema

Brides with curves are beautiful and deserve
to look ravishing on their wedding day. But
shopping for a dress that looks fabulous on a
full figured bride is tough.
Why are all the dresses on the racks small?
How am I supposed to know what I will look
like in the dress?

It's hard searching for a plus size wedding
dress in the sea of anorexic sized sample
dresses hanging on the racks in bridal salons.
Blame the dress manufactures and NOT the bridal
salon. The dress manufacturers cut samples sizes
for the racks in sizes 8 to 12, bridal size.

When a bridal salon orders larger sizes for their
racks, the sample takes us 16 to 20 weeks to receive
at the bridal salon. Its the same amount of time
if you were to special order it. They don't cut
anything extra for us to hang on our racks. When
a bride comes in, the sample fits, she wants it now.

Bridal size is smaller than everyday clothing size.
Why? Who knows. One reason is that the dresses
are cut close to the body and there is no wiggle room
as in our everyday clothing. Bridal shops have been
battling for sizing changes for years. The wedding gowns
are manufactured in Asia where the women are teeny.

Some wedding dress manufacturers simply upsize a regular
wedding dress and the cut isn't right when you
get the dress. The armholes are too large or too small
or the bustline is on the collar bone. Plus sized
dresses have a different cut to allow for the curves.
Look for dresses cut specifically for your size.
You'll have leaner look, a better fit and less

I came across a web site that caters to plus
sized brides on their wedding day:
Their prices are good, the styles are flattering.
Here is another site: Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Other manufacturers who cater to the plus sized bride
with great looking dresses and styles are Alfred Angelo,
Bonny Bridals, Casablanca,

Bonny Bridals Unforgettable collection have
dresses that will hide a regular bra! Woo Hoo! How cool
is that? No searching for a miserable strapless bra.
Their halter neckline dresses are cut high
enough in the front that there is no "fallout".
Their styles are flattering and there are a few good
looking styles with hard to find sleeves.

Alfred Angelo cuts plus sizes in womens sizing of 16W
to 28W which is a more generous cut than regular
straight sizes.

Casablanca Bridal will cut your dress to your exact
measurements for an additional charge, but the dress
will fit!! You'll save on alteration, another plus is
that you'll have the same high fashion styles.

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