Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wedding Day Beauty Starts With Great Skin

Cindy, our favorite skin guru who is also a
wedding makeup artist is sharing her expertise
on how to look fab-u-lous on your wedding day!

Weddingzilla: What is the number one thing that
brides can do to look beautiful on their wedding

Cindy: Every bride needs to start a skin care
regimen in advance of the wedding. Great glowing
skin is THE number one beauty accessory. Great skin
is the palette that makeup artists use to do their magic.
We only have to enhance your features for the

You have to cleanse your skin with a soft gentle
makeup remover morning and night. You need
to tone your skin with a skin toner to tighten your
pores and give your skin an even tone. You need to
moisturize your skin and moisturize under your eye
area to keep your skin supple and soft. Every few
days you need to use an exfoilant to clear away
dead skin and stimulate the skin. Once a week
you need to do a skin mask or masque. Masking the
skin makes a HUGE difference in the appearance of
smooth and healthy skin.

My customers like


Dr.Hauschka Skin Care Cleansing Clay Mask

and JOEY New York for lip plumpers and
fixes for eye bags that give instant results.

You can use witch hazel as an astringent toner. Use it
sparingly on your face with a cotton ball. It will tighten
the pores. You can buy witch hazel at your pharmacy.

If you really want to treat yourself before the wedding,
schedule a facial at a day spa several days before the
wedding. There is something about the hot steam treatments
and the hot towels that just do wonders for the skin.

Weddingzilla: What happens if you have a breakout
the wedding?

Cindy: There are products that will zap the zit.
Peter Thomas Roth Acne Treatment Kit
gets raves from my clients. You have to use it in advance to
clear the skin and prevent breakouts.

There is a handy dandy device that will help with
blackheads and whiteheads Tweezerman Skin Care Tool

Heres my secret acne treatment, drink green tea! It helps
prevent acne breakouts. You can also dot the spot with a
cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol. Just be careful to use
the alcohol sparingly or it could irritate your skin instead of
drying the spot. DO NOT pick the spot, it could get infected.
Put a clean hot compress on the spot and then the alcohol.

Weddingzilla: What do you recommend for skin discolorations?

Cindy: There is a product called Meladerm that lightens
skin spots. It is especially helpful for Afro American skin.
Meladerm Skin Lightener - Natural skin lightening products
for fading age spots, sun damage, skin discolorations and
hyperpigmentation. The company will even let you try it
risk free for 30 days! It contains no hydroquinine and its
gentle on the skin. I've had great results with my clients.

Weddingzilla: How do you get long eyelashes without
having eyelash extensions?

Cindy: I use a product called LiLash. It is an eyelash
stimulator cosmeceutical product that is non irritating.
You apply it like eyeliner and start to see results in
2 weeks. The company is great, they guarantee you'll
get results.

Weddingzilla: Do lip plumpers work? I tried one
brand used by Hollywood celebs and I didn't get
the Hollywood results.

Cindy: Some do work and some only work as a lip gloss.
You won't get the same results as collagen, but the
results won't look as phony as collagen, either.
One that we've had success with is
DuWop Lip Venom 2nd Sin Lip Gloss
You'll get some tingling and stinging,
it is supposed to increase circulation to your lips which
will plump the lips.

Stay tuned for part two with Cindy: Wedding makeup

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