Sunday, April 6, 2008

More Wedding Day Beauty Tips

Cindy, our skin guru, has given us more skin
tips to make your skin picture perfect on your
wedding day.

Weddingzilla: What is the one thing we can do for our skin
to make our skin look flawless?

Cindy: I can't say ONE thing, its a series of things
you need to do to. Get into a skin care regimen to
keep your skin clean and refine your pores. Moisturize
your skin, even if your skin is oily. There are moisturizers
make for oily skin. And sunscreen. Use sunscreen or a
base with a high SPF. The sun damages your skin, ages
your skin and will make your skin have pigmentation that
is not even. If you want to look tan, use a facial tanner.

Weddingzilla: What about fake and bake tans?

Cindy: I don't personally like tanning bed tans. The
color doesn't look as natural as a real sun tan. And when
you fake bake your face, it gives you lines around the eyes
and raccoon eyes from the goggles. I would suggest a
spray tan done a few days in advance. Airbrush tanning
looks more natural and is easier on your skin.

Weddingzilla: If we want to spray tan, what should we
do for makeup?

Cindy: Make sure your makeup matches your new skin color.
That's why we suggest you use a makeup artist on your
wedding day.

Weddingzilla: What if we get a breakout on our wedding day?
I have breakouts when I get nervous.

Cindy: We try and treat the breakout the minute it happens.
Don't mess with the blemish because it will make it worse.
DO NOT squeeze it or try and break it. You can end up with a
huge bloody red spot.

Don't use a strong acne cream because it could cause your skin
to dry and flake around the blemish.

Put a hot compress on the blemish and follow it with dabbing on
rubbing alcohol to try and dry up the blemish.

You can also try some homemade remedies that some of
my clients swear that work"

Use a warm tea bag. Wet the tea bag and apply it to
the spot.

Dot the spot with toothpaste the night before and allow it
to dry overnight.

Take the egg yoke and dab it on your face.

Make a mask of egg and milk and allow it to dry on your

Dab Visine on a cotton ball and treat the blemish.

And last of all, we'll cover the blemish with a concealer
before we apply makeup.

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