Sunday, April 6, 2008

Find Your Perfect Honeymoon Beach!

Beach Finder (468x60)

Attention all you beach people. You know who you
are. I'm a beach person. My ideal day is to sit on a beach,
smell the salt water and watch the waves crash against the
sparkling sand. There are amazing beaches in our world, the
challenge is finding one that suits your beach style.
Especially on your honeymoon, the right beach and hotel
make all the difference between magical memories and
a total disaster.

Yes, beaches have personality. Some have soft white sand,
some have black volcanic sand. Some have wildly crashing waves,
other beaches are smooth like glass. Some are rocky, some
are full of shells, others are like walking on sugar.

has come out with the coolest beach finder.
Plug in some easy decisions like adults only beaches,
honeymoon, passport or no passport, your interests and
what you want in a hotel and viola! Here come your choices.
You'll get sound effects of waves and graphics of
waves crashing on the sands. Orbitz's beach finder is like
playing a beach game, its actually fun and you get as
many do overs as you want. This tool is just perfect for
planning your honeymoon.

My best beaches were in Aruba, Puerto Rico, Punta Cana
and Curaco. I wouldn't have thought of most of those,
I've been in love with St. Maarten and St. Thomas' beaches.
Can these beaches possibly top my favorites? Guess I'll
have to find out.

I love Orbitz. I've always gotten great service, I can
compare prices and Orbitz keep you in the loop with your
airline reservations. They'll call your cell phone and
let you know if your flight is departing on time and from what
gate you are departing. Since I travel a lot, its a
lifesaver. Rather than at the airport for hours waiting
on a delayed flight, I know in advance my flight is delayed.
On my last flight, I used my air miles. I was angry at myself
for not booking with Orbitz. My flight was delayed for 6 hours
because of a cracked windshield on the plane. Orbitz would
have alerted me and I could have arranged a different flight
home. Instead, I spent all day standing in line at the airport
in uncomfortable (but oh, so stylish) shoes trying to get a
flight home. I learned my lesson.

Give it a test drive. You may just end up with the perfect
beach for your perfect honeymoon!

Use the *NEW* Orbitz Beach Finder to find YOUR Ideal Beach!

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