Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bigger is Not Always Better....

Yup, I found out the hard way that bigger
is not always better, speaking of diamonds,
of course. What did you think I was talking

I inherited a humongous diamond ring from a
92 year old aunt since I was the only one who bothered
to visit her at the nursing home. All the relatives
were pissed off that I scored the diamond.
We had all secretly lusted after this gem since
we were tots. Aunt Sally was proud of her ring
and flashed it like an old Hollywood star in a very
dramatic fashion. She was SO dramatic and this
ring suited her personality, big, brash and bold.

The diamond was a gift from her husband on their
25th wedding anniversary wedding. The center
diamond is like a hallogen headlight or a beacon from a
light house. It's BIG.

I decide the ring needs to be insured and I took it to
have it appraised. It turns out the stone is as flawed
as some politician's consciences. Oh, you can't see it,
but its flawed. One store offered me $125 for the ring.
He based it on the fact that the band is 18K gold. So off
I go to another jewelry store to get to the bottom of
the diamond's worth. This guy told me "Its an old
diamond." Geeze, aren't all diamonds old? He said
it would have value if it was new. WTF? He offered
me $100 for the stone. So off to appraisal #3, same
story. Worth less than a couple of hundred bucks.

I brought the ring home and put it in a safe while
I decide to leave it status quo or reset it.

I always thought diamonds kept their value, but
apparently that is only if the diamond is flawless.
And a flawless diamond will cost you as much as
a new house. Whouda thot?

I don't know much about buying diamonds. Maybe
a little, but I'm sure not a gemologist. But
I know that I've seen some really big rocks on
engaged gals. And I've seen some teeny rocks, too.
Makes me wonder if the big rocks are flawed.
Or if they are real. Or why I'm wasting my time
wondering about diamonds. Or maybe I'm just
disappointed that the ring I lusted after for
years is worthless in value, but rich in sentimental

So girls, if you want a big diamond, prepare to
pay big bucks or settle for perfect as in "I found
my perfect soul mate". Size doesn't matter.

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