Monday, April 21, 2008

Weddingzilla's Top Wedding Trends

Weddingzilla has compiled our top
10 wedding trends for 2008.

Top Wedding Trend # 1. Going Green,
which is the perfect topic for Earth Day. Brides are
using earth friendly favors or donating to earth
friendly charities in lieu of favors. They are
holding outdoor wedding ceremonies and taking
steps to combat their carbon footprints. Today's bride
is using lots of fresh plants and flowers for
table decorations and asking the guests to take
them home. Couples are spending a lot of time
researching earth friendly weddings and incorporating
them into the wedding. Here's another great green favor.

Top Wedding Trend #2: Putting your
own stamp on the wedding.
Couples are less about having mom's wedding, more
about having it express who they are as a couple.
This can be anything from using a citrus color to accent a
Caribbean theme to having your best male friend serve as
man of honor.

Top Wedding Trend # 3: Joint bachelorette
and bachelor party.
Couples are nixing the traditional
drunk fest in favor of having a party to celebrate
the wedding together. It might be a pub crawl as
a group or it might be a group weekend at a mountain
cabin with cookouts, scavenger hunts and hiking.
Its less about the strip club and more about
the wedding party getting acquainted and having fun.

Top Wedding Trend #4: Return of
the wedding cake.
The wedding cake is back as the centerpiece of the
reception. Today's wedding cakes are more artsy and
unique. No more white bridges between cakes with dolls
dressed as the wedding party. These cakes are works of
art and are the latest wedding status symbol. Did you see
Ivana Trump's kabillion dollar cake? WOW! While the
cupcake tree is still popular, its being used more for the
rehearsal dinner or wedding showers.

Top Wedding Trend #5: The return of elegance.
Brides are choosing to return to elegant touches,
such as sprays of orchids on the reception tables,
to having monogrammed fabric napkins the guests
take home as gifts.

Top Wedding Trend # 6: Celebrating your family
Couples are embracing their family heritage
using a theme that defines their heritage. The newest trend
Weddingzilla has seen lately is an Irish Claddaugh theme in
invitations and favors. Couples are doing an emerald green
theme, using shamrocks on the reception tables, serving
Irish food and even having guests learn Irish dances at
the reception. One is even setting up a replica of an Irish
pub at her reception complete with a singing tenor bartender.

Top Wedding Trend # 7: Two wedding dresses.
Some brides are choosing a traditional formal wedding dress
for the ceremony, then changing into a shorter formal cocktail
dress or tea length wedding dress for the reception. A friend of
mine did this for her wedding. She wanted to marry in a formal
princess style ball gown but wanted to dance all night long at her
reception. Her dream dress wasn't a dancing dress. She wore
her dream gown for the ceremony and pictures. She changed into
a tea length dress for cocktails and the reception. She danced
like a star. It was awesome!

Top Wedding Trend # 8: Using color in your wedding.
For a long time, weddings have tended to more neutral colors.
Weddingzilla did a lot of weddings that were all champagne, cream
or ivory with ivory flowers. Elegant, sure, but dull in pictures.
The latest trend is to use a color that pops in wedding pictures and
accenting with colorful bouquets of mixed flowers.

Top Wedding Trend # 9 : Writing your own vows.
Weddingzilla knows that this has been a trend for
a long time, but it continues to dominate on our list.
Couples are saying what they feel, not reciting vows written
for someone else years ago. What woman wants to say
she will obey? Not moi. Writing your own vows gives
you a time to reflect on the relationship and the
and not focus on the party planning.

Top Wedding Trend # 10: Wedding party t shirts.
Tee shirts for all the members of the wedding party are
practically a requirement for the pre wedding parties and
wedding rehearsal. Its a fun gift for the wedding attendants.

What's your favorite wedding trend? Share your ideas here
in the comment section!

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