Sunday, May 4, 2008

Choosing Your Wedding Hairstyle

Brides tell me that choosing their wedding
hairstyle is their number one cause of stress
after choosing their wedding dress. They have
an idea of how they want to look, but what
if it doesn't pull together?
What if I told you I know a way for
you to eliminate the stress, save money
and extra trips to the salon and look

Your wedding day is not the time to try out
a new hairstyle with an unknown stylist.
Its not the time to show up with a picture and
tell your stylist, this is what I want. What if
you hate it? What if its not you once its on your
head? And what if the style is completely wrong
with your dress?

Your hairstyle should frame your face and not
overpower your face. It should accent the neckline
of your dress and it should make you look picture
perfect and show off your big wedding day smile.

When planning your wedding day hairstyle, you
need to take into account your hair, the weather
and the shape of your face. If your changes texture
or volume or gets curly or limp in the humidity,
you need to adjust your hairstyle so you aren't
fighting the weather. You also don't want to spend
the day doing touchups. Your stylist will know how
to handle your hair and which products will tame
your hair.

Don't automatically assume your best style is an
updo. A too severe pulled back updo doesn't
look natural. An updo needs to look elegant, yet
feminine, not like a spinsters tight bun. A too small
updo with an elaborately full dress will make you
look like a pin head. A too big updo with a sleek dress
and you'll look like a bobblehead.

Practice your hairdo with your stylist, then make an
appointment to try on your dress immediately
following so you can see how they work together.
You may need to make a few modifications, it may
work perfectly. Have a friend snap some digital
pictures so you can see how it works together.

I came across the best tool to see how you will look
with new hairstyles. Its so much fun and I tried it
myself and I found the best everyday hairstyle for
my face. If I must say so myself, I look awesome.;)
I'd never have thought of this style, but I
looooove it and it was easy!
You upload your own digital picture, and click
to change the hairstyles. They have a special
updo section for weddings. You can even change
the haircolor and add highlights. So much fun,
so useful for a bride because you aren't paying a stylist
to try different hairstyles. Pick a style that you love,
print it and take it to your stylist for a practice
BEFORE the wedding.
View your photo or a model with thousands of hairstyles and color combinations that suit your face, including short, bridal, men's, celebrity and everyday hairstyles.

And here is a coupon to try it out. It will save you
time, stress and money if you sign up NOW. Don't wait,
do it NOW! Here's a coupon to get you started looking
fab on your big day!
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