Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How to Hire a Wedding Photographer

Your wedding memories should be captured for
the future by a professional. You don't get a "do
over" if the pictures don't turn out. Don't trust
Uncle Louie and his camera to do the job. Uncle
Louie can be your family lensman, but please,
hire a pro for your wedding pictures.

Every photographer shoots in their own style. You
need to determine your style of pictures. Don't expect
your photographer to change their style. Find a
photographer who shoots in your style of pictures.
You need to interview photographers to see if you are
on the same page. You need to be in sync with your
photographer. Are they interested in your wedding?
Are they willing to scout the location in advance with
you so they can prepare and plan their shots?
Do they offer you a checklist of shots that you fill out
in advance so that you don't miss any shots?
Will they take formal shots before the wedding so that
you can enjoy the reception? Will they be unobtrusive
at the wedding and reception or will they spend the
reception lining up formal shots? Will they be
taking candids of the reception and guests?
Do they ask you to appoint a family member who will
identify the family members you want in the pictures
without bothering you during the reception?

Photographers put together packages
that suit most wedding needs. You can also purchase
extras or purchase things a la carte.

More questions you need to ask:
Will you bring an extra camera in case the first one
What media do you shoot? IE, digital or 35MM
What is the payment schedule?
Do you have references?
May I call your recent brides to ask about their experiences?
How long have you been shooting weddings?
How long will it take for me to receive my proofs?
Can I purchase my proofs?
How long do you keep my pictures in case I want to order
more in the future?
When will my pictures be delivered?

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