Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weddingzilla Dishes On Jenna Bush's Wedding

Its not true that Weddingzilla has waited
by the mailbox waiting for the invite to
presidential daughter Jenna Bush's wedding
to Henry Hager. The wedding details have been
more closely guarded than government state secrets.
And Weddingzilla has a prior engagement for Saturday.

Jenna's dress is described as a structured
dress. (note: all wedding dresses are structured).
Her dress by Oscar de La Renta who is a favorite
designer of the first lady. Jenna's wedding dress
will have matte beading and a small train.
Its made from organza with embroidery.
Jenna has described the dress as "simple and elegant."•

Barbara Bush, Jenna's twin, is the maid of honor.
The maid of honor will wear a long, shimmering,
moonstone blue silk gown with a fluttered open back.
"It's very soft blue," designer Lela Rose said.
"It really matches Barbara's eyes." Barbara's dress
has a silver sash to complement those used for
the bridesmaids' dresses.

For Jenna's 14 (yes, 14!!) bridesmaids, New York designer
Lela Rose, a native of Dallas, has made silk
crinkle chiffon, cocktail-length dresses> Each dress is
accented with handmade chiffon flowers. There are seven
different styles of dresses in seven different colors
that match the palate currently blooming Texas
wildflowers shades of blues, greens, lavenders and
pink toned red. Oh, and her maids are not
being called bridesmaids, they are members of
the "house party."

"No two girls will be in the same dress," said Lela Rose.
Here's a sketch from the designer:

"It means a lot to Henry and me to be outdoors,"
Jenna said in an interview with Vogue magazine.
"We wanted something organic and low-key.

"There's a glamour to it, I know," she said
of White House ceremonies. "But Henry and I are
far less glamorous than the White House."

Weddingzilla is deducing that the theme will
be wildflowers. We're guessing the members of
the house party will carry bouquets of
wildflowers to match the hues of their dresses.
We are guessing her dress will be sleekly styled
and not fluffy.

Weddingzilla hopes the wedding is kept private and
low key as the bride wishes. She may be the President's
daughter, but this is her wedding and its her day.
She didn't ask to be thrust into the public.
There are rumors of people gathering in Crawford
hoping to get a glimpse of the festivities.
Weddingzilla will be happy to read about it.
Leave her alone. Pick on her father, but leave
her alone.

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