Thursday, May 8, 2008

What's a pig picking wedding reception?

Dear Weddingzilla,
Is it OK to have a pig picking reception?

Dear Bride2B,
I had never heard of a pig picking reception,
so I had to do some research.

Where I grew up, a pig picking was when customers
came to my friend's hog farm and they picked
the pig they wanted to slaughter.
Your question intrigued me!

So for all of you, like me, who'd never
heard of it, its a pig roast where the pig
is roasted for hours in a pit. Then the
meat is picked off the pig, either dipped
in sauces just picked off the bones. Its a huge
southern tradition. Up north, we call it
a pig roast.

So, Bride2B, this sounds like a lot of fun
and its making me really hungry! Not everyone
wants to have a formal reception. Not everyone
thinks inside the box. I think it sounds like
a lot of fun and I say go for it!

I went to a pig picking in Florida last year for a
rehearsal dinner, but I called it a barbeque. It
was served chuck wagon style and we sat outside.
The food was just amazing and it was so much fun.
The picking kept everyone circulating and talking
and really got the party going.

Have fun!

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