Saturday, May 10, 2008

Why a Wedding Ring?

Ever wonder about why you wear a wedding ring?
Its not that we need to be reminded that we are
married. Its a symbol between the couple of their
vow and love for each other.

Wedding rings are circular because circles represent
eternity: They have no end and no beginning.
So the round wedding ring symbolizes eternal love.
It also symbolizes a commitment to fidelity in the
marriage. Its a symbol to you and to the outside
world of your love for one another.

Its customarily worn on the left hand on the ring finger
because the vein in that finger, "the vein of love"
goes directly to your heart. In some European cultures,
the wedding ring is worn on the right hand in a custom
that dates back to Roman times.

Europeans started engraving the name of their spouse
and the date of the wedding inside the ring to
keep the sentiment between the couple. It also
gives them a family heirloom to pass onto family
members. The practice spread across the continents
and today many couples are having private inscriptions
engraved inside their rings.

Some cultures don't wear wedding rings. The Amish don't
wear wedding rings. The men grow a beard to signify
that they are married, the women get pregnant. Hey,
its true, its not like anyone Amish is going to read
this blog, even though I've seen them with cell phones.
(How do they charge them without electricity anyway?)

I came across this wedding band that I thought was
really cool. Its a ring with the wedding vows
engraved inside. Check it out Wedding Vow Rings

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