Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dear WZ, Can I wear tennis shoes at my wedding?

Dear WZ, Can I wear tennis shoes at my wedding?
I want to be comfortable.

Hey, I like the WZ moniker. Cool.

Technically you can wear whatever you want on
your feet for your wedding or you can even go
barefoot like the hippies in the 60's. Or a
barefoot beach wedding.

The problem with wearing tennis shoes is that
you walk differently in them than you would in
other shoes. If you are wearing a formal dress,
you want to walk gracefully down the aisle.
Can you do that in tennis shoes? And are you
talking about canvas tennis shoes or athletic
shoes like Nikes?

A few years back, brides were decorating plain
canvas Keds with lace and beads and wearing
them under their dress.

I've had brides wear the decorated Keds,
motorcycle boots, lace up granny boots and
cowboy boots. One wore bright green
cowboy boots under her dress to surprise her
groom. One had a white pair of custom cowboy
boots that were twice the cost of her dress.
Those were gorgeous!
Different strokes for different folks.

I personally would shop for a comfortable pair
of sandals or dressy shoes. They definitely are
out there. But if you are hell bent on wearing
tennies, its your wedding, its your day.

What does everyone think?
Comments, please!

Thanks for the question!
Have a happy wedding.
WZ :)

1 comment:

  1. There are a lot of comfortable and stylish shoes that look good with a wedding dress. In 20 years, you'll feel foolish for your footwear choice when your kids see the pictures.


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