Thursday, June 19, 2008

Create An Outdoor Room at Your Wedding Reception

Your guests will appreciate a small outdoor
setting at your wedding reception where they
can go outside to chat, cool off or smoke.
Many reception sites have outdoor rooms
for this very reason. When the music is
rocking, some friends or family who haven't
seen each other in ages want to catch up,
but they can't do it inside. Give them an
area where everyone can take a break from
the festivities and relax. If your reception
hall has an outdoor room, kick it up a notch by
adding fresh plants or potted flowers and ash
trays for the smokers in the group. Don't forget
a small trash can for them to toss bottles and cans.

If your reception hall doesn't have an outdoor room,
ask them if one can be created by just bringing out
some benches, or tables and chairs.

Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness
and you probably will end up outside taking
a breather from dancing!

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