Friday, June 20, 2008

Today Show Throws ANOTHER Wedding, Race to the Altar

It seems like we just finished up a Today Show
wedding, and BAM! How many couples really
want to get married on TV? Its another wedding and
its called Race to the Altar with an Asian theme.
I don't understand the correlation between the
name and the theme. Am I missing something?

Here's what I don't understand: Why would you
allow strangers to pick your wedding theme,
dress, bridesmaid dresses, menswear, wedding rings,
etc? Is a free wedding really worth it?

What if you HATE the dress? You could see by the
look on the face of LaDonna, the bride, that she didn't like
some of the couture wedding dresses. At least America didn't
vote for the ones where her face was making the
OMG expression. As teeny as she is, I just couldn't see
her in the Amsale dress with the flowers on the bust line.
I didn't really see any dresses that truly would flatter
her tiny petite figure. Send in a REAL bridal consultant
who sells dresses in the trenches everyday, and she'd
come up with 4 dynamite dresses that a real bride
would wear to a real wedding.

So today on Today, they showed some breathtaking
wedding bands. It didn't look like any of them would
fit under her stunning engagement ring. The solution
according to the expert? Wear the engagement ring on
the right hand. Most women would rather wear them
a set. The rings are all to die for, I'd definitely covet all of them!

How does LaDonna and Darnell keep up their gracious
attitude if they don't like the choices made for them?
La Donna is so gracious and sweet, I really have to
hand it to her. I couldn't be that cool. I'd be like...
WTF? I'm not wearing that! Or my maids would look
like total crap in that dress. Are you kidding me?
Just give me all the rings and I'll be happy!

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