Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Would You Wed in Outer Space? Got 2 million bucks?

An artist’s illustration advertising space weddings by
Japan’s First Advantage and the U.S. firm Rocketplane
Global. Credit: (C)2008 eraliy/Misuzu Onuki/Rocketplane
Global, Japan.

Would you exchange marriage vows in outer space?
It's going to be possible in
2011 if you have a spare
2.3 million US dollars. First Advantage, a Japanese firm,

has partnered
with American aerospace firm
Rocketplane to have space weddings. Rocketplane
Global is a privatespaceflight company based in
Oklahoma City, OK.

Your wedding ceremony will start on the ground and
the ceremony will finish 60 miles above the earth,
in a suborbit flight of one hour. You'll fly on the
RocketPlane XP and you'll need 4 days of training
for the flight.

So what do you get for 2.3 Million bucks? Well, you get your
transportation into outer space, a wedding photo album
and a
marriage certificate. You'll also get to broadcast the
in some unspecified way. You can take up to three
guests, one
of course, has to be the officiant. I am confused
because the
site says that the RocketPlane carries 4 passengers.
Bride, groom and three guests is 5. Who's driving? And where
does the odd person
out sit? Baggage or wing?

First Advantage spokesperson Taro Katsura said his firm
expects the main customers for its space weddings to come
from China or the Arab gulf region. Guess what? They
already have takers!

Cindy Cashman and Mitch Walling, who were the first pair
to sign up for the package.

'I came up with the idea over a year ago,' said Miss Cashman
who is an entrepreneur and million-selling author.

'While I was meditating, an idea popped in my head to be the
first person to be married in space, so I started taking action
make my dream a reality.'

Seriously, for 2.3 million I want to fly on the
Starship Enterprise and have the ceremony
conducted by Captain Kirk.

Kirk's Shotgun Wedding!

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