Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wedding Reality TV Shows, Oh, Hell NO!

Weddingzilla disses the wedding reality shows.

OK, so I was under the influence of cold meds
and switching the channels,when I came across the
wedding reality shows on TLC. Six mind numbing hours
later, I wanted to smash my TV. Wedding reality,
Oh, hell, no!! Why would anyone submit themselves
and their wedding to this crap?

First was the show "Say Yes to the Dress".
Reality? Only if you are one of the very chosen
few who can actually afford to drop 6 grand or more on
a wedding gown at Kleinfeld's. And while these
whining princesses are trying on dresses, the
sales associates are bickering, stressed out and
placating the bride divas. That's reality in a
bridal salon, spending that obscene amount of cash
on a wedding dress is fantasy.

Not one bride looked at the dress and screamed
"My gawd, this is the most expensive dress
I've ever tried on in my life". Instead, they told their
bridal consultant that they'd get what they wanted and
budget was no object. Camera pans to mom, looking like
she's going to have to take on another job, remortgage
the house, sell her soul and find a really rich second
husband to pay for the spoiled brat's dream dress.
Husband number one will drop dead over the wedding costs.

Next came a show about the brides stampeding at Filene's
basement wedding gown sale. Did it look like fun? NO.
It looked like a lot of work.
I was hoping for a cat fight to break out, it would definitely
be more interesting than watching some chick try on 50
wedding dresses and still wasn't sure if she liked any of them.
Since I didn't get to see a fight, I amused my bitchy self
by telling my dog that the dresses in the sale were painfully
outdated. And she totally understood me.....

The next show was sort of fun about dance choreographers
who were choreographing the couple's first dance.
Mildly amusing, or was it the cold meds?

The next show featured a bride choosing her maid of honor
by putting them through a series of tests. The final
blow was when they took a lie detector test. She asked
some really cerebral thought provoking questions like
"Do you think you are prettier than me?" (Who the f- cares?)
"Did you ever date any of my ex's?" What does that
have to do with being her maid of honor? I wanted to
slap her senseless. It was insulting to the viewers.
It was insulting to her friends, that is, if they
are still speaking to her after the show.

Some of these brides don't show up in the best light,
(and of course I'm sugar coating here, they look dumb),
yet something makes them sign on for these innane shows.
Is it money? The 15 minutes of fame? WHY???????


  1. To You A Favor's Wedding BlogJune 8, 2008 at 2:07 AM

    It is about the money and the 15 mins. I am glad someone decided to watching it. I just couldn't do it. So reading about it here, I am glad I missed it. Thanks for the review.

  2. I agree, its about the $$$ and the 15 minutes of fame. Here's what I learned: Some of the shows reimburse the participants a percentage of their wedding expenses.
    You couldn't pay me enough to act out like that on camera.


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