Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What kind of bride are you?

There are different kinds of drivers on the
highway as there are different brides.

There's the driver who is going
in circles, missing their exit.

There's the driver with their
turn signal on way too soon, letting
everyone know their intentions.

There's the driver speeding
between cars, changing lanes and getting

There's the driver who's lost, confused
and upset looking for directions.

And there's the confident driver, speeding
along with traffic, knowing where's she's
headed and making good time getting there.

The bride going in circles is disorganized and
stressed out. She needs guidance and advice.
She misses opportunities because she's too
fixated on one thing. Get off the merry
go round with some stress busting tips
and some rock solid advice.

The bride with her turn signal on is carefully
plotting her wedding, letting everyone know
every detail. She's cautious, thoughtful
and organized.

The bride speeding is making fast wedding plans,
changing her mind and getting nowhere fast. She
needs to slow down, take one thing at a time
and trust her decisions.

The bride who is lost, confused and looking for
directions needs a plan. She needs guidance,
she needs organization and she needs help. She
is drowning in details and needs to set priorities
and work her plan.

The confident bride knows where she is going with
her wedding plans, is organized and is speedily
moving along with the plan.

Which bride are you?

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