Monday, July 21, 2008

Rock Your Wedding With Unique Touches to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable!

Rock your wedding by making it stand out
from the ho-hum cookie cutter weddings.
One detail is all you need to make it
rock and make it memorable for all your

What makes a wedding rock? It doesn't
have to be expensive. It doesn't have to
be massive. Its a special touch that makes
it unique and gives it that buzz that rocks
and makes your wedding unforgettable.

Maybe its a unique color scheme. Think
hot pink tablecloths, pumpkin colored plates
and lime green napkins with pink, orange and
green floral centerpieces.

Rock it by renting a photo booth at your
reception. Or having your photographer
print instant family group pictures at the

Put a small flowering plant at each place setting
at the reception and give them to your guests.

Turn your indoor space into an outdoor garden by
using potted plants and some ingenuity. Rent fountains
and potted trees and benches for your guests to
have a place to sit and chat.

Make a softly lounge for your guests so they can
talk without shouting over the music. Set up a
self serve soda bar and snacks.

Vary your playlist at your reception so it appeals to
all ages. Throw in some Sinatra for your grandparents,
some 70's dance rock and soul for slow dancing, some
80's disco. Hire a dance instructor to teach a dance
to your guests, do something to get it rocking!

Rocking your wedding means making it unique, taking
it out of the realm of ordinary into extraordinary.
Think outside of the box and rock your day!

Rock it with your wedding cake!

This is one of the most AMAZING wedding
cakes evah! Love it!

Think outside of the box!

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