Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sunflower Wedding Theme: Summer/Fall Wedding Themes

Sunflowers are a sign of summer, good luck and
something I'm sure you didn't know: they are a
sign of hope to cancer patients. Sunflowers grow towards
the sun and move with the rays as the day progresses.
Sunflowers are the perfect theme for a summer or
fall wedding.

With sunflowers, you can go toward an earth tone
palette or to a more cool blue toned color palette.

For earth tones, use a gold/yellow/orange/brown
palette. You can add olive green, rust, pumpkin
orange, deep peach and bronze.

For a blue color palette, use a medium blue, accent with
a meadow green and lemon yellow.

Wedding dresses are by Winnie Couture, Casablanca and
Mori Lee. Maids are by Winnie Couture, and Mori Lee.

Sunflowers make me smile because they are
such a happy flower!

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