Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses For the Disposable Wedding

Every wedding dress in the photos are made from
toilet paper. Some of the designs and work are incredible.
But its still toilet paper! There is a huge joke here,
but I'm going to let you insert your own because my
joke is not G rated.

I have to hand it to these gals. They used a lot of
ingenuity and work in fashioning these dresses out
of toilet paper. All that work is going to be flushed

Which brings up the following questions:
How do you keep your dress together when someone hugs you
or you dance?
What do you do if it rains? Will you be naked?
If you go to the bathroom, will you be held against your will?
If you sneeze, is it OK to wipe your nose on your dress?
And will you be forced to recycle your gown? Like hand
it up in the bathroom and pick pieces off of the gown?
Will it start to fall apart if you start nervously sweating?
What happens if someone spills a drink on it?
If you spill food on it during dinner, do you just pull off that
section so you look fresh?

These dresses won't be handed down to the daughter because
they aren't going to be family heirlooms. The life span of
toilet paper is short lived. this the answer to disposable weddings?

Jennifer and Doy Nichols celebrate their wedding
at the Charmin Restrooms on Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2007 in
Times Square New York. Jennifer's hand made dress was made
using Charmin Ultra Soft and Charmin Ultra Strong.

of toilet paper and getting married in a freaking bathroom?

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