Saturday, August 23, 2008

Udderly Moovelous Contest From and

Here is another contest for anyone
who wants to further their blog.
Its presented by John
and is sponsored by Store Stacker.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wedding Contests & Sweepstakes, Enter to Win Honeymoons, Wedding Dress, Cash

Who doesn't like to win? Everyone likes to be
the prize winner, especially when it comes to
their wedding. Every prize can be useful. So we've
complied some cool contests to make every bride
a winner! Some are wedding sweepstakes, some
require some creative writing to win the wedding contest.

Best Wedding Sites contest is currently giving away
an amazing pair of jeweled shoes or a bridal tiara.
Click here to enter. I totally want a pair of these
shoes! Contests change every month.

The Perfect Wedding Guide is giving away a 4 day
three night all inclusive honeymoon every month
in 2008. Click here to enter their sweepstakes.

Manhattan Bride Magazine is giving away a free bridal portrait,
a honeymoon in St Lucia (Oh, yeah!) and other cool
prizes. Enter here.

The Bridal Association of America is giving away a
free honeymoon trip. All you need to do is
register here.

Destination Weddings & Honeymoons is sponsoring
four great give aways! Describe your dream wedding
in 500 words or less and win a destination wedding
in the Caribbean. Enter here.
Or Viva Las Vegas in the JW Marriott Las Vegas
sweepstakes. Win a honeymoon in Vegas. By the
way, I've stayed here and the rooms are amazing.
Enter here.
Win a wedding and honeymoon in Mexico courtesy
of the Palace Resorts, including your wedding dress,
maids dresses and men's tuxes. Cool! Here's
the link to enter.

House of Brides is giving away a free wedding dress.
Click here to enter.

Filene's Basement and Wedding Wire are giving away
a free wedding dress. Enter here.

David's Bridal has a wedding dress giveaway.
Its ongoing. Click here.

If you are from Delaware, enter this contest for
a dream wedding. You MUST be from Delaware
to enter.

Party is giving away a $100 a week plus an
entry into their honeymoon giveaway. If you are
already married, you can still enter. They want a
story about a wedding, with a twist. So start
writing here.

The Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
is giving away a destination wedding. This is a must
enter. Click here.

Kate Aspen is giving away 150 of her amazing
favors. Love her! You have to enter, click here!

Little Things Wedding Favors is also giving
away favors. Click here to enter.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Creative Wedding Favors: Thinking Outside of the Box

Creativity is what takes an ordinary wedding into
the realm of outstanding. I'm always telling my
brides to think outside of the box and do something
different that isn't being done. Nothing is more ho hum
than attending a wedding that is a rehash of another
wedding you just attended. Similar dresses, similar
menu, similar play list at the reception.

Sometimes its just that little creative touch that
makes the wedding rock. I came across a blog by Morgan
Howard "Creativity Inspired by Logic". She definitely is
creative and she shows you how to make your own wedding
favors easily using ideas floating around in her very creative
mind. Her favor ideas won't get tossed away, she'll inspire
you to do your thing and take your wedding to new highs.

Give a look:
Summer Wedding Favors
Unique Wedding Favors on a Budget

Monday, August 18, 2008

Weddings: Keeping It Real

There is too much fantasy and hype involved in wedding
planning. Maybe its all the media crap touting
weddings that cost in the 6 to 7 figures. Or its the
celebrities having over the top weddings. Or maybe its
the Disney fantasy weddings that is turning the
Princess/Prince Charming from all the fairy tale
movies into a real life money making cash cow.
Or maybe its all the brides who spend hours
comparing notes on the online wedding boards.
Or maybe its the competition between friends
and family as to who can have the best wedding.
Regardless of who planted the idea, a wedding
out of control is a train wreck in the making.

Its time to keep it real. Keeping it real means
having the wedding that YOU can afford.
Bottom line: The wedding is a party to celebrate
the union of two people in marriage. Its a party,
its not a show to put you or your parents in financial
ruin. Its not a competition.

Keeping it real means being realistic in your
expectations of your wedding. You can't replicate
a celebrities wedding without a lot of cash. Besides,
they get a lot of freebies for their weddings. They
sell the pictures to the press and recoup their

Tips to keep your wedding real:

Have the wedding you can afford.

If you can't afford a big blowout, then have a small
group of select family and friends and do so within
your budget. Think outside the box, a garden wedding
with a barbeque reception, a wedding at sunset on
the beach with dinner.

Personalize your wedding your way.
Put small touches on the wedding that show your
style as a couple. Maybe its an unusual color scheme,
maybe its the food you serve. Maybe you grew all
the flowers in your backyard. Or you made little snack
gift baskets for your out of town guests. The personalized
touches you add to your wedding take it from
ordinary to rocking. I've attended small weddings and
walked away more touched than the most expensive
country club wedding.

Stop thinking of what you CAN'T afford and start
thinking about what you CAN afford!

If you can't afford an open bar, stop beating yourself
up. You don't owe anyone a drunken time. Look for
alternatives. Put a bottle of wine on each table and when
its gone, its gone. Oh, well.
If you can't afford the exotic orchids, who is going to know
if you use pretty in season flowers? It may actually turn
out nicer than you imagined.
If you can't afford the couture wedding dress, there are all
sortsof great wedding gowns in lower price ranges. As long as
it flatters your figure and feels comfortable, who will
know you paid less than the $4,000 couture gown you
can't justify in your budget. And here's a secret: Most
wedding gown companies make bridesmaid dresses. You
can get a similar looking dress in their bridesmaid line
without a train and for a lot less money. And guess what?
The quality is nearly identical.

Eliminate the extras you don't need:
There are things you need for a wedding,
namely a bride, groom, marriage license and
an officiant. The rest is just gravy.
Choose the gravy carefully. Do you really NEED
favors? Do you really NEED a band at the reception
or will a DJ do the job? Do you really need a sit
down dinner or can I have a less expensive buffet?

Concentrate more on the marriage and less on the
wedding planning.

I see brides who never mention their fiance. They can
tell you exactly every detail of their wedding. It makes
me believe that they are in love with the idea of having
a wedding, rather than getting married. Sure, the guys
get into having a wedding, too. But keep the focus
where it belongs.

Keep things in perspective and keep a sense of humor.
If some little thing goes wrong, don't go all Bridezilla and blow
it all out of proportion. Thing can and will go wrong, I've never
seen a perfect wedding. But you know what? No one ever

Keep your sense of humor and laugh often. Your friends and
family will appreciate it and so will you. Because once the
wedding is over, and real life smacks you in the face, its
good to laugh!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Military Wedding Theme, Red White & Blue

First Dance Wedding Songs, Anything but Lonestar!

Romantic First Wedding Dance Songs!

Ashley said that if she has to go to
another wedding reception where the first dance song
is something by Lonestar, she's going to puke. Laura
said that the last 6 weddings she and her fiance attended,
the couple danced to Lonestar. "Why can't anyone
come up with something different? Its so overdone."

She and other brides started having a big
discussion on songs that are different for the
first dance. Everyone got in on the conversation,
and here are some of the songs they liked for
something ..and nothing is by
Lonestar!! Some are obscure, some not. All
are romantic. Its all about rocking your
first dance with romance!

Moondance by Van Morrison, perfect for an October wedding.
And I Love Her by the Beatles
I Finally Found Someone by Bryan Adams
Till You Opened My Eyes by John Denver
Glory of Love by Peter Cetera
Always on My Mind, by Willie Nelson
When I Need You by Leo Sayer
Can't Take My Eyes Off of You by Frankie Valli
Lets Get It On, Marvin Gaye
Perfect Love, Tricia Yearwood
It Had To Be You by Harry Connick, Jr. or Rod Stewart
Cherish by the Association
Have I Told You Lately that I Love You, by Rod Stewart
Your Song by Elton John
I Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher
This I Promise You by NSYNC
You Belong to Me by Anita Baker
Sweet Love by Anita Baker
Giving You The Best That I've Got by Anita Baker
Can't Fight The Moonlight by Leann Rimes
Don't Know Much by Aaron Neville
One Heartbeat by Smoky Robinson
Any love song by Smoky
Don't Worry Baby by the Beach Boys
When A Man Loves A Woman by Percy Sledge
Just Once In My Life by Stevie Wonder

By Elvis Presley:
Hawaiian Wedding Song
Can't Help Falling In Love

I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
Loving You

Lets talk Frank Sinatra. OK, he's from a long ago
generation, but the man could sure croon a love
song and his music has endured.
Here are some of his great romantic songs:

Fly Me To The Moon
It Had To Be You
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
They Say Its Wonderful
Night and Day
Come Rain or Come Shine
You Are The Sunshine of My Life (Stevie Wonder
also has a version.)

If your name is Michelle...
Michelle by the Beatles

So, please add your favorite to the comments
section. We have lots of brides who need your

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wedding Gowns Scams From China

So you found the PERFECT wedding dress and you went online
to find a better price than your local bridal salon. The dress
you've been drooling over is way over your budget but you
just gotta have it. And you find it from a web site in China,
direct from the factory for a hundred bucks and
free shipping and NO tax. Woo Hoo! Score? Not a chance
in hell, baby. Its a scam.

Go ahead and spend your hundred bucks and see what you get.
You aren't going to get that Stephen Yearick that sells for
$2400. You aren't even going to get close. What you will
get is a poorly made dress out of cheap fabric and a bad fit
that doesn't look like the pictue. I've seen the knock off's,
I wouldn't let my dog sleep on them.

Yes, most wedding dress factories are in China. Most Chinese
manufacturer an excellent quality dress. But like any
other business, there are superior companies, and there are
inferior companies. There are factories in the cities and
there are small factories in the rural areas. The major
factories are contracted to the major bridal manufacturers
worldwide and they aren't going to sell to
you or even me. They have all the work they can handle turning
out a superior product. They aren't marketing to the public.
They don't have to.

The small factories are out trolling for business. There
isn't a day that goes by where I don't get hit on by a
Skype call from China or an email promising me the moon if
I import their dresses. They don't own the rights to
produce the dress in the picture. They don't
own the rights to the picture. They don't have the pattern
for the dress. They are breaking every copyright rule know
in the world. The manufacturers will shut them down, but they
pop right back up using another name. My friend who owns a
major bridal manufacturer said that they have people working
around the clock to keep these dresses out of the market.
Why? They don't want a bride who thinks she is buying his
brand of dress to be disappointed whens she receives
a piece of crap. And, they have a reputation to honor.
They don't want their name on inferior dresses that they
don't manufacturer. They've designed the dresses,
photographed the dresses, manufactured the dress
and marketed the dress in their own image. Someone comes along
and steals all their work...not quite fair, is it?

What the inferior manufacturer will produce is a similar
looking dress in a color that you request. Or maybe not.
I've met a bride who ordered an ivory dress and got
something along the line of a light dirty
brown. Will ithe dress be exact? No way. Will it
have the same fit? No way. Will it be the same quality?
No way. Will I be happy? No way. Will I be shopping for
another dress? Guaranteed.

These dresses are hard to alter because they don't have the
cut and the inside boning to keep the dresses up and in place.
Without boning, the dress won't stay up, it will droop down.
The beading you love on the original may be glued on appliques
or cheap hot pressed caviar beading, which are like dots that
come off when you get warm. You can't put this under a sewing
machine because they gum up the machine and snag the dress fabric.
Most seamstresses won't touch one of these dresses.

The costs from shipping from China has escalated 5 times
in the past year due to the cost of oil. It is reflected
in the cost of the dress. Say you are spending a hundred bucks
and shipping costs $75.00. You are buying a $25 wedding dress.
That will barely cover the cost
of the zippers, thread and buttons on the dress.

You CAN buy a great dress for a hundred bucks through sales at
a bridal salon or on clearance from Ebay. My bridal salon is
currently running a clearance sale for wedding dresses at $99
with dresses that retail up to $1500. I need to clear them out
to make room for new merchandise. That's a real deal and
you can see what you are getting in person. And there is a big
difference between a cheap wedding dress and a bargain
wedding dress. Learn the difference.

If you are the gambling type, then go ahead, order the dress.
But prepare for major disappointment! If its too good to be
true, then it usually is. Take my advice, there's nothing
I hate more than an upset bride.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Drill Sargeant Bride: Clarification of Wedding Terms

Dear Mother in Law 2 Be,

John called me last night and said you
were upset that I vetoed your dress. Sorry,
but if you had taken the time to read an etiquette
book, you'd know that my mother gets first choice.
I want my mom to look better than you, that's the
rules, and she and I haven't been able to decide on
a dress for her. I read on the Knot or someplace that
the mother of the groom is supposed to wear beige
and keep her mouth shut, and your dress is NOT
beige. John said you can't return the dress, so
maybe you can save it if Sara's boyfriend ever
proposes. I TOLD YOU that Mom and I were
flying in to shop with you in two weeks and we'll
choose your dress together. That's how its
SUPPOSED to work. We are staying at John's
place, as I'm sure he told you.

I sent you the rehearsal dinner plans. How are you
and Dad 2 Be planning on paying? Dress code is dressy
casual. My maids are all wearing flowered sundresses and
sandals, but please, dress modestly. I'll look at your choices
when I get there. I don't want ANYONE showing any cleavage.
My maids are all getting pedicures, so if you are wearing
sandals, consider doing the same.

Since you and D2B are flying in and renting a car, make sure
the rental car company gives you a clean car. They sometimes
are yucky.

Tell Sara that she will need bra cups sewn into the top of her
dress because it will make her look better. John said its
none of my biz, but I want her to look as good.
The bridal shop has them, they are like 25 bucks and
the other girls are wearing them. I sent Sara and all the maids
the schedule of events and what is expected of her.

When are you flying in for my shower? My mom is wearing
a dressy suit, I think you should, too. She choose pink, I'm not
real happy about it because the floral arrangements are in shades
of blue and lavenders. She said it blends and she's wearing it.
Oh, well. Pick your battles, I guess. I think you should find something
in a sage or celedon green, no metalic shoes, please. I've made that a
rule of the entire wedding. I think silver looks cheesy and tacky and this
isn't a strippers wedding.

I'm so excited. Can you believe your little boy is really getting
married? Are you thrilled or what?

See ya soon!
Princess Bride

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fun from the Drill Sargeant Bridezilla

Sad but true!

Confidential: To All My Bridesmaids
From: Princess Bride

It is with deep regret that I must
announce that I fired my wedding
coordinator. There was a clash of personalities
and she had to go. I have decided to step up
to the plate and take control of the situation

First up: I have decided to dispense of the
curtsy when the groomsman takes your arm to
lead you down the aisle. Yes, I know I insisted,
but John says if the girls curtsy he is walking
out. While I thought it was rocking, he thought
it was dumb and his sister said she wouldn't
do it and his mom got in on it and yuck! Sorry,
Sara, don't tell your mom about this, OK?
We won't have a curtsy practice. Now,
are you all happy?

Second up: I need an update on my shower.
I talked to the florist and no one has
submitted any directions for the floral
arrangements for the shower, so I submitted
them myself. I choose a multiflower arrangement
with colors that compliments the blue in
John's eyes.
It will be on your bill.

I don't want any dumb shower games and there
is no way I will allow you to put me in a toilet
paper dress or veil. As we discussed, this is
a classy affair and I want the country club
feel to the shower. Again, please stress to anyone
to buy only what is on my registries so I don't
have to exchange anything or live with some
butt ugly thing that doesn't match my decor.

I've chosen the shower favors I want online and I need
someone to give me their credit card so I can
purchase them. You can do the math to split
up the cost between yourselves.

Third up: Has everyone bought their shoes for
the wedding? I have clear plastic bins to place
your shoes for the wedding so they don't get smudged.
Makeup is NOT to be placed in the bins. Shoes must
have a slip pad on the outsole so no one falls. Shoes
are NOT to be worn for any reason before the wedding.
Even though they won't show under the dress, I'll know.

Fourth and final thought of the day: Absolutely no
public displays of affection between you and your
significant other at any wedding related festivities.
This is about me and John, not YOU!

Think happy thoughts!

Run like hell for your life!!!

Bridezillas: From Fun to Ridiculous

Are you a Bridezilla? Do you momentarily
lapse into Bridezilla mode? Wedding stress
can cause even the sweetest bride to turn into a
venom spewing person that frightens everyone in
their path, including themselves. We've categorized
Bridezillas and we hope you don't see yourself
in any category!

The Webzilla Bridzilla
The Webzilla has gotten all her advice from other
web brides and pseudo wedding experts. Armed with a
crap load of pictures and bad advice, she's out
for the hunt. She has carpel tunnel from pounding
the keyboard and strained eyes from staring at
photos online. She'll consider ordering her dress
directly from China to save cash and scream when
she sees that the cost of shipping has escalated and
the dress doesn't look like the picture. Then she'll
reboot her computer, trash them on wedding boards
and start from scratch.

The Entitled Bridezilla
My least favorite Bridezilla, this gal feels entitled
to special treatment by EVERYONE in her life because
she is THE BRIDE. She expects kid glove treatment
from her family and friends because its finally
"my turn". She wants what she wants and demands you
make it happen. She is prone to temper tantrums
and treating others badly. She pays no attention to
others schedules, its all about me, baby. I wore that
ugly dress in your wedding, now you'll wear this.

The 24/7 Bridezilla
Run, don't walk from this Bridezilla. She means well,
but she's in 24/7 wedding mode. You are supposed to
care about her wedding as much as she does. Its HER
wedding, all of the time. Unless you want to listen
to useless trite dribble about matching the color of
the napkins to a color on a butterfly's wing, tell her
the dog just puked on your carpet and hang up.
Some well meaning friend needs to tell her, hey, get
a life.

The Bridezilla With Possee
This is the Bridezilla who travels with a possee
of contrarians. They are armed with digital cameras,
notebooks and a slew of phone numbers. Every one is
a self ordained wedding expert who serve as nothing
other than to confuse the bride and exert opinions
of what THEY like. They will trash her hair color,
makeup and comment on the size of her bee-hind.
They'll piss her off royally and she'll blow.

The Drill Sargeant Bridezilla

The ultra organized bride who expects everyone to
jump when she barks orders. She treats her wedding
party like Army privates in basic training.

This is an actual time line from a Drill Sarge Bridezilla:

Friday, 6PM: Deadline for submitting your dress for approval
for the rehearsal dinner. Do I need to stress AGAIN that
I want new, flowered sundresses with a crisp white background?
No low necklines, no halters, no minis and dress must have
straps that must be worn. No bra straps are to show and white
bras must be worn!!!
Sandals must match a color in the print and pedicures are
a must. No ankle bracelets, dangling earrings or toe rings.
Makeup is NOT optional, but no shiny or sparkly eyeshadow
or Amy Winehouse eyeliner, please.

The rehearsal cocktail party will be at Kara's house at 7pm
on Thursday, the 18th. Kara, make sure you have practiced
the martini as we discussed.
You are expected to mix and mingle with all guests and
act as hostesses to make everyone feel welcome.

8 hours of sleep required because Friday is the rehearsal
dinner and I expect you to show up in your rehearsal
attire at 6PM at the church. Rehearsal is at 6:30 to ?
Please use the bathroom prior to the official start time
because there will be no breaks allowed until the
rehearsal is over. Dinner will be at the restaurant
after rehearsal. You are expected to be finished before
10pm so you can go home and rest up for my wedding
on Saturday.
Oh, and don't forget to wash and wax your cars for
the pre wedding festivities.

Mutiny anyone?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Get Your ID's In Order After The Wedding!

OK, girls, after you get married, you need to
make sure your ID's are updated. Even if you
don't change your name, even if your address remains
the same, update your accounts and his accounts.
Change your name on your drivers license and social security
card, credit and debit cards, bank accounts and mortgage.
If your name stays the same, still make sure your name
is on joint accounts so you can have access to those accounts,
like making payments or questioning the bill.

Why? Some new FTC red flag ruling will red flag
you on banking, credit cards and even your wireless
service. The new rule is supposed to help curb identity theft.
It bit me in the rear and its not even supposed to be in place
until November.

My cell phone battery died. I'm eligible for a phone upgrade,
so I went to the AT&T store where I had the account for
years. Did I get a battery? Did I get a phone?
NOOOOOOOO. My name wasn't on MY account.
Some braniac took my name off when my husband changed
servers and added his line to my account. When the computer
couldn't find my name on the account, they wouldn't help me.
Naturally, my husband was at work and I couldn't reach him
while I was in the store to give his "permission" for me
to make the transaction. Since when does anyone need
permission from their husband to buy a cell phone
battery? Its not 1900!

The store manager, whom I will refer to as A**hole,
said that when I walked into the store, I was attempting
to commit fraud. I had picture ID's, checking account,
credit cards and the phone. A**hole said we might be
divorced. What man in his right mind who is divorced is
going to give his ex-wife his credit cards, joint checking
account, insurance cards and debit card to carry around?
My husband had to make a round trip of an hour and a half
to get it straightened out in person. And A**hole still
insisted it was fraud on my part. Duh, if I'm going to
commit fraud, you think I'm going to do it in person where
I can be identified? Do I look that dumb? I'm an adult
with a brain and larceny wasn't on my mind.
You can bet that the president of AT&T got an email
from me!

Last week I attempted to pay my father's gas bill
because he is in the hospital. I couldn't make the payment
because of "privacy issues". I wasn't on his account. Why
would I be? Its his house, I managed to pay other bills,
but this one slipped through the cracks and I wanted to
make sure it was paid. They wanted power of attorney
papers, yada yada because of this new ruling. Just take
the damn payment and be happy someone is paying it.

Geeze, two places refusing money because of this rule
to protect ID theft. Where were they when some idiot
hacked into my computer and stole my personal information?
No one protected me, it was a PIA. The new rule is also
a PIA. We need laws to protect ID theft, but these
companies need to clarify the rules to their employees
a lot better than they are doing.

So, ladies, heed the warning. If you want to be a partner
in the marriage, then you have to be listed as a partner
on the bills. Sucks, doesn't it?
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