Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Weird Wedding Picture!

I collect weird wedding pictures.
This picture needs no caption.
OMG ran through my head...until
I got the following invite by
email. It sort of goes together,
you think?

I cannot even imagine the seamstress who had to cut
the top off this dress. OMG. And the grooms mother
probably had a heart attack. WTF was she thinking?
Why would she wear gloves when her top is all


  1. Nearly as bad as the dress an un-named girlfriend wanted to buy. She was so excited and wanted me to go and see it with her. I almost dropped my teeth (and they're not even false!) in astonishment. The dress was a perfectly normal dress except hanging from the front, just where you'd expect to see them (although you wouldn't expect them on a wedding gown) were pasties. Yes you heard me pastiess complete with tassles! For someone who is not usually speechless I was that day! Thank god I asked her if she'd tried on other dresses too and managed to convince her to purchase one w/o the above mentioned adornment! But that pic really takes the cake! Thank go my friend didn't see that one or that might have been her in that picture! (nah she's not THAT bad!)


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