Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wedding Trends 2009: Bridesmaid Dresses

Part three in my market report of 2009
wedding trends. This time we'll talk about
dresses for your maids.

Bridesmaid Dresses: Color, color, color
is the trend. Mixing and matching two bright
colors for maximum impact. More dresses can
be two toned. I actually liked the fuchsia apricot
color combos I saw, it gave a very tropical summery
Caribbean look to the dresses. Unusual? Yes,
but it worked! And most companies have increased
their color choices. In bridesmaid dresses, you
have so many amazing choices.

All shades of browns still reign, as well as cinnamon,
tangerines and spices and other colors that compliment
brown, including Tiffany blue and pink.

We saw shorter dresses and tea length , but full length
dresses still remain the most popular because of formal
weddings. They are still showing balloon skirts, even
though they've never caught on in my area. Also saw
some asymmetrical hemlines and high low waterfall hemlines.
(Shorter in the front, longer in the back.) So as far as length,
anything goes for 2009. Its all about personal preference.

As far as necklines, halters, strapless, spaghetti straps, the
same necklines you've been seeing with some different
bodice treatments. We are seeing the same bodice details
such as pleats and draping on the maids dresses as
we reported on the wedding dresses. Some lines
like Alexia are showing embellishments and bead work
on some of the dresses, other lines like Levkoff are showing
minimal embellishments.

Forever Yours has come out with a selection of bolero
jackets in different fabrics and sleeve lengths for the
maids who want sleeves or want to cover a tattoo.
Its about time these girls have a choice of something
other than one basic jacket! I think I counted like 12 variations.

Fabrics run from satin, taffeta, iridescent taffeta, chiffon,
crinkled taffeta and all the usual culprits. Nothing earth
shattering, just lots of fabric choices and lots of color

Here's a cool newsflash: Eden Bridals are coming out
with matching tuxedo vests, ties, and cummerbunds
in 4 different styles. They are available in satin
or taffeta and they match the Eden bridesmaid
dresses exactly. How cool is that? No more matching
swatches and just settling for a complimentary color.
If you are a picky bride who needs exact matches,
check out Eden maids.

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