Sunday, September 21, 2008

I love redneck weddings! Redneck Wedding Photos!

Wedding invite.

Everyone loves one stop shopping,
especially with the price of gas. Not only
can you get your wedding dress,
but Daddy can get his shotgun
and all the beer you need for the

The formal wedding announcement.

Redneck tri fecta....a good dog, a good
wife and a baby in the oven. And
a trailer to call home.
Seriously, it must have taken the groom
a good three minutes to assemble his attire:
huntin' boots, favorite jeans, cut off
flannel shirt and grandpa's funeral vest.
And that mullet, that's seriously stylin'.
But hey, they all are grinnin', even the dog!

When you have a John Deere, you just have to flaunt it!

What's a good redneck wedding without camo?
The look on the kids face is priceless.

Love means sharing.

Redneck get away tractor.

Redneck wedding at a motor speedway.

Ain't love grand?

Red is for redneck.

Redneck table decorations.

Redneck wedding reception. A good wife
can hold her licker.

Groom and Bride

Redneck bride & groom, don't you love the vests?
Very useful once hunting season comes around.


Cutting the cakes.


The buffet was amazing.


And the head table was spectacular!


    The dog sure looks happy, good thing its not hunting season.

  2. how do i get invited? the beer looks good.

  3. My kind of wedding, food, beer and I don't have to dress up. Works for me.

  4. I agree, the weddings look like a lot of fun and everyone looks really really happy. Good for them!


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